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Hi, I’m Cara, I’m a Canucklehead (Nova Scotia) living in Luxembourg with my tall, dark and hot hubby. He’s French and the reason I came here in the first place. Wouldn’t we all do anything for love? ;) Though, it’s not like he had to twist my rubber arm to come to this fairy tale land, we love Luxie! We have 6 children… nope, not a typo! And only one of those is a girl :D As you can imagine, she’s a spitfire.

As far as crafting goes, I’m a mixed media artist and I do a lot of paper crafts but I absolutely love scrapbooking. I love every single moment of the process, from the stories (oh, how I love to tell a good story!) and the photos, to the design, techniques and product (who can resist all those gorgeous products!). I love bright, happy colours, lots of white and lots of white space and lots of layers and clusters!

My first love was sewing, and I can usually incorporate it into my scrapbooks. Sometimes however, my cheating heart strays… it’s usually as Carnaval approaches and all those fabulous costumes are tempting me. I get that itch to sew on fabric (gasp!)… and I cheat on Scrapbooking, but she always takes me back ;)

25 things I love about scrapbooking
1. It’s 72 hobbies rolled into one.
2. I love to tell a good story.
3. Photograhpy. I love taking photos, especially of my children.
4. A photo can tells a good story.
5. I love matching photos from different times to… wait for it… tell a good story ;)
6. The artsy process. I love when my hands are covered in ink or paint.
7. Paper! Be it a crisp sheet of white card stock or a gorgeous patterned paper, it’s all good!
8. pretty patterns.
9. It’s my creative outlet.
10. Stickers. The little girl who used to drool over the rolls of Sandylion stickers is still inside of me :D
11. The online scrapbooking community.
12. I’m leaving a legacy for my children, if they want it.
13. Washi tape. ‘nough said!
14. There are no limits. You can do anything, put anything on a page, tell any story!
15. Office supplies make me giddy!
16. it’s an excuse to be a pack rat.
17. The tools are pink!
18. I love handwriting.
19. It’s an excuse to take a selfie. ‘It’s for an All ABOUT ME page!
21. pretty, shiny, happy coloured brads.
22. Shopping!!!
23. Getting lost in an online layout gallery, then running to my studio, my brain over flowing with inspiration.
24. Getting the design of a page just right.
25. Sharing a page and getting awesome feedback, whether that’s online or from my chicklets.

Other LOVES:

chocolate, but only the good Belgian stuff, I'm a chocolate snob!
being giddy
Harry Potter, Star Wars, Doctor Who
stuff for boys