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April 2005

PKPT Problems

Argh!!  Paper Kuts is having a huge contest to determine thier next Power Team, the deadline is tomorrow and I'm almost there, just little things keep happening to push my mail date back.  All the layouts are done, 9 of the 12 are printed.  Actually, 2 of the others are printed too, it was then that I noticed that they still had pencil lines!!  So those were erased, the layouts rescanned and stitched and have to be printed.  My essay must be 75 words or less and I'm down to 81 and can't seem to widdle it down any more. 

I think the biggest 'grr' factor was last night I was sticking down the supply lists and contact information and had one left when I realised that my email and phone number were both wrong.  See, I thought I'd be smart and copy and paste my contact info from a contest I entered in the UK, since it would take soooooooo long to rewrite it all out, lol!!  Since, I have changed my email and the phone number was to call me from England not the States!!  So I pulled those all off, changed the info, reprinted and went to bed.  Today I have to recut them all and restick them!!  Not to mention finish my essay, scan the last layout and print the last 3.  I think I can... I think I can...  I think I can...  wish me luck!!

HOF hysteria

Creating Keepsakes has just announced their 2005 HOF winners.  I was so excited to see 3 Canadians in the 25 winners!  Including Shelley Rankin who's from NB!!!  Check out her stuff at My Daughter's Wish.  I kicked Matthieu off of the computer right when the annoucements were made so that I could enjoy all the excitement on the message boards.  I was on there for an hour, reading call stories, congratulating the winners, etc.  It was fun!!  Two girls from my design teams also got Honorable Mentions.  Melanie Bauer from Flair and Marla Kress from Great Balls of Fiber, wow to be in such company!!!  Congrats everyone!

Cereal Killers

Its no secret, I *heart* cereal!!  I swear, 9 times out of 10 I'd eat cereal for a meal if I had the choice.  Luckily, I get cereal at least once a day, almost two bowls a day now that I'm pregnant again.  It seems that my boys have inherited this lovely passion!!

Now, France has not gotten on the cereal bandwagon yet.  They have one whole isle, both sides, dedicated to yogurt, but only about one half, one side, of an isle for cereal.  Two thirds of which is that sugar coated crap! Leaving us Corn Flakes, Wheetabix, Rice Krispies and some strange hearty Special K to choose from.  So every chance we get we bring back cereal, usually Cheerios and Shreddies, but recently Crispix as well.  Helen has even brought us some 'English Shreddies' on a few occasions.

We now have quite the stock of imported cereal after our recent visit to Canada, not to mention Sally and Jessica brought a whole suitcase full, too.  Well, with all this choice, you'd think the boys would be in heaven right?  wrong!  Jacques likes Rice Krispies and Anthony... Corn Flakes, go figure!!  Aw well, all the more for me!

Happy Easter

We had a great day yesterday.  now, it looks like we'll have to hide all the chocolate from Anthony!  Eric and Magaly came down for lunch and we had leg of lamb.  The boys actually ate well!  I realised that chocolate is great therapy, one Cadbury cream egg (imported from Canada of course!) makes me happier than mail!  Especially after 40 choco-free days!  Now, I have to attack the 24 inch egg that Eric bought!!  I did take pix of this monstrosity but since I'm still allergic to digital, you won't get those until later this week!

Great Friday

Despite the fact that the full moon was still having effects on my boys earlier this morning, everything has been sunshiny, great today!!  My first daffodil opened its sleepy eyes on my balcony today.  I'm so proud, maybe I got some of Dad's green thumb after all!  We dyed some eggs just now.  Of course, there's more dye on Mattthieu's and my hands and the table (despite the newspaper) but the boys had a lot of fun, I got lots of photos and the eggs looks great.  Well, at least the ones that Anthony didn't bang on the table.  Even the sun has been out now and then to say hello.  So, it just doesn't feel like Good Friday.

Prince of Bel Air

For those of you who don't know, our hospital here in Thionville is called Bel Air.  For a long time now, I haven't been able to count the times Jacques has been their on one hand.  And he wasn't even born there.  The BIG ear infection, the cut tongue, the gash on his forehead, etc etc!  Well, today was another trip.  There was blood in his ear, nothing serious.  We'll just have to go back Tuesday after the holidays to make sure all is ok. 

That place is soooo hot.  I realised on the car ride over that I had a big sweater on!  By the time we got home I was hot and flustered and the boys were tired.  Anthony was at the garderie while we were gone, which is just as hot.  So the three of us had big pink cheeks!!  Nothing a nap (for them) and a cup of tea (for me) can't cure.

Now, they are asleep and I'm off to set up some of the 'big girl toys' Helen helped me buy at IKEA yesterday!!


Well, here we are.  I decided to start this up because so many of my family and friends were complaining about not seeing enough pictures of the boys.  Not to mention that no one really knows them too well, because they are so far away.  So I thought that I'd try to give daily (almost) updates on how they are doing and what's going on in our lives, a little peek into thier personalities, if you will.  This is a 30 day trial run so if it works, if I don't slack off and forget to write then after those 30 days we'll keep this little blog.  If not, I'll try email and snail mail again.