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Taken for Granted

Every morning while I'm in the shower Matthieu makes my tea.  He's gone by the time I get out so I never get to thank him.  I love that he does this and try to thank him later, some afternoon if we are having tea together or if I remember at some other time.  I try really hard not to take this sweet act for granted, and appreciate it every morning.  Even if its cold by the time I get there, I don't care, that's what microwaves are for right (Helen, I hear your groans of disgust, haha!!). 

Since I was gone all last week and then again yesterday morning.  Matthieu had fallen out of the habit and Wednesday and this morning I had to make my own tea (gasp!).  Honestly, the tea tasted better, it was hot from the kettle and the bag hadn't been sitting there for 15-20 minutes.  BUT, it wasn't the same!  I missed thinking about him as I poured my milk in and I was a little dissappointed.  So I guess I did take this for granted a bit, even though I tried hard not to.

Today, I thought of some other things I take for granted.

A happy family, and extended family too
We want for nothing
my boys are great sleepers
we get to dine out often and the boys usually behave
we get to go home to Canada on a pretty regular basis
a hobby I love

Of course, now that I've come to write them all down, poof, they are all gone!!   what do you take for granted?  Send me a little list or remember to thank who ever 'makes your tea!'

I can hear you, Mommy!

We're home, he did super well!  They didn't end up taking out his adnoids as there was too much infection, so we'll have to go back, but he got home last night and he's back to his normal sel.  He can go back to school Monday when vacation is over, instead of missing two days like he would have if he had his adnoids out. 

They took him downstairs to the OR yesterday at about 8:30.  He had taken a bath with 'special soap' and got a bracelet with a 'J for Jacques' and magic cream to numb his hand and elbow for the needle and IV.  I ate my breakfast, took a shower and started making Anthony's birthday party invites to help pass the time and not think about my boy.  The nurse came to tell me that he did well and that they didn't take out the adnoids around 10:30 and then he came up around 11. 

He hated having the IV in, just the thought of it bothered him.  As long as his had was under the blanket he was fine (so like his Mom!).  He was still a bit tired and very hungry, but he wasn't allowed to eat until 1:30.  We did puzzles (thanks Helen's Mummy and Daddy!!!) read stories, watched a documentary on bears and then some cartoons.  Daddy and Papy came to visit at about 1 and then he was finally able to eat.  He slurped back a big glass of chocolate milk and a yogurt, asked to share my chicken, but he wasn't allowed that yet.  I was starving, too!  They don't like you to eat in front of the child while they fast, which I totally agree with.  Thank goodness I snuck some cookies in the bathroom or there would have been trouble, LOL!!  He promptly fell asleep after eating and stayed there for 4 hours!  Good thing I brought the new May CK, which I read from cover to cover (even the military article) and stuff to make Anthony's invites, or I would have been so bored.  I even watched TV, an old Law and Order and had a short nap!  When he woke up he was pretty much his old self and we had supper there, saw the doctor and then Daddy came to pick us up.

Its amazing how well he can hear already, its a nice change.  Now, just get this infection cleared up with antibiotics and then we'll get the adnoids done!!

BTW, Anthony had a blast with Kokomis and Papy and was a super good boy.

Prayers and Happy thoughts for Jacques

Off in 5 minutes for the hospital, tube in tomorrow!  Wish him well!!


6 kids, 2 moms and a grandmother

Possible recipe for dissaster but it was a nice week in Spain.  Mainly because we avoided restaurnats which is usually one of my favourite things about going to Spain, but since Kokomis is such a great cook, it wasn't too much of a loss.  Though, it would have been nice to have had some escargot, or one of those gooey chocolate things Matthieu often brought home for breakfast when he went to get bread...  next time.

We really didn't do much, just being there with the 6 took a lot of time.  Meals were long, bath time was almost an hour and that's with assembly line type showers, getting ready to go anywhere took an eternity!!  But, what we did do, we did well, and the kids had a blast.  We went to the beach, to and indoor playland, to a special child meat at Nurie's restaurant, fun fun!!

It was neat to discover each child and their individual characters, so distinct but still they all have traits in common.  ALL 6 have that Vincens stubborn streak-some much stronger than others, but they all are pig headed!!

Mathilde was by far the best behaved, I guess that come with age. Charming, sweet and kind.  Though, far from a perfect angel, she was adorable.

Baptiste, what to say about Baptiste without venting or sounding mean... the poor child has had so much upset and confusion in his little life its no wonder he never obeys.  When he's at his best he's sweet, adorable and giving.  He just chooses not to listen, ever...

Jacques loved being part of 'les grands'.  He felt so important and loved being included with Mathilde and Baptiste.  Though, that means he loved doing everything Baptiste did, including getting himself into trouble.  His nautiness was not all due to Baptiste, mind you...  he was well able to cook his own goose too!  Mostly, monopolising the GOOD toys, but for the most part he was a good boy.

Anthony is like that 'curl in the middle of the forehead' rhyme.  Whe he is good, he's very very good, but when he's bad he is horrid.  One minute he was sweet and charming, the next he was biting, hitting, pulling hair or pinching.  I don't know what spurred all this aggression last week, but since he loves to be in the middle of the action and involved in all that's going on, a few minutes in the corner really curbed it.  He's by no means over this horrible stage but already we've seen an improvement.  Anyone have a biter before?  Any advice?

Louise has, by far, the largest serving of the Vincens stubborness.  Temper tantrums galore last week.  She only wanted maman and doudou (her stuffed mouse).  It was very tiring, especially for Anne-Charlotte, but she did open up to me and Kokomis as the week went on, but patience is a virtue and I'm glad Anne-Charlotte has as much as she does.   When Louise is in a good mood she's so cute and funny.  She's so advanced in her speach and since she's so tall, its hard to believe she's Two months younger than Anthony.  I love the way she talks, her high little voice and almost always in the form of a question.  'un peu de pain?' as if she's offerinf you some instead of asking for sime. And she's knows everyone's names and pronounces them perfectly, well, maybe except Plierre, LOL!!

Pierre is such a sweek big baby.  Not far behind Mathilde in the well behaved race.  he probably could ahve won if it weren't for a big mean ole' tooth.  Je kept poor Anne-Charlotte busy and worried with wakings in the night and a high fever.  He was alread with a big baby smile, caresses for my cheek  and loved taking fistfuls of my hair!

More on Spain and the wedding Friday!!


Just a quick update to let you all know we got home.  Jacques had his consultation with the anaesthesiologist this morning, he was a brave boy when he got his blood test and is so proud showing off his bandages.  I'll give you a more detailed note about the wedding and Spain soon, but right now I'm beat after cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping with two litte guys so I'm off to bed!!!  For now, here's a quick list of my favourite things about each.  Good night all.

The Wedding

My boys dressed up in their ‘enfant d’honneurs’ outfits.
My hat
Magaly’s bouquet
fitting into my dress (my stomach popped right after the wedding, but still not in maternity clothes yet!)

The Land Rover
Plenty of nap time for the moms too
The BEACH!!!
the baby starting to move
the boys getting to spend time with their cousins
getting to know Anne-Charlotte better

Anthony throwing up 3 times(walking up the aisle jitters???)-luckily always at home and not on anyone's good clothes
Trying to carry two boys, a playpen, a sleeping bag, plus everything else they need up to the hall in the pouring rain

The back seat of the Land Rover after sitting on the bench for 7 hours
Louise’s tantrums and Anthony’s biting
coming home to a dirty house

Photos coming soon!!  you all know I'm a FILM girl all the way so you'll have to wait!

Sunny Spain

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let everyone know that boys and I are off to Spain with Kokomis, Anne-Charlotte and a LandRover full of kids!! 

The wedding was fabulous, Magaly looked great! The boys were so sweet, a little shy, but sooooo handsome.  I'll post pix when we get back!!

Have a happy week all

love Cara

when you have a bad day...

If this silly guy making a fool of himself to the whole internet doesn't put a smile on your face...


watch out for the eyebrow!  LOL!!

Here's another one:

llama song

tres bien, parfait...

That's what my OB said today after my exam 'tres bien, parfait'.  Now, flylady says that perfect is a bad word, because we think that things have to be done perfectly, so we just put it off until it can be done right.  It just doesn't end up getting done at all.  I think, though, that flylady would make an exception this time.  I LOVE hearing the word perfect when it comes to my babies!

Actually, the whole appointment was perfect, from us laughing over him not hearing my weight right when I read the scale (thought I had gained 18 more pounds instead of 2!!), to the relief I felt over so many worries I had, to him laughing at my written French as he tried to dictate what I was to write and sign to say that I didn't want the Down's test.

I had worried a lot about if I had the baby at BelAir, what if I ran into that horrible intern from my miscarriage, or worse, what if it was her who delivered!! What if it was some equally horrible intern?  Well, first of al,l its not the interns that deliver, its the midwives, except for complications, which is fabulous, because the midwives there are so nice and completely competent, from my experience.  Plus, he said that since I was an 'old, loyal' patient that he'd come for the birth, if he could make it in time (referring to Anthony's quick birth)!  PHEW!!!  Metz was no longer an option as they are starting contruction on the highway soon, that'll run into the fall.  So big sigh of relief here!!

so if cute was the last theme, then today's theme is PERFECT!!  Let's see what else was 'perfect' about today so far??

*the timing for drop offs (preschool and the garderie), I got to the bank and to my appointment on time
*my total weight gain up to now (6-7lbs) in 16 weeks
*today's weather
*Anthony's behaviour at the garderie!
*the way Anthony looked when I went in to wake him to go pick up Jacques from school
*my new pink sneakers
*Jacques' 'report card' LOL
*we had play group today

Cute Things

There are some things that just make you smile.  I don't care if you are the grumpiest person in the world, somethings  are just meant to make you happy.  This weekend has been full of cuteness.  Enjoy these cute stories!!

Yesterday morning Jacques' pre-school had a concert, it lasted about 30 mins and all the kids sang!  Photos coming...  We were lucky since Jacques' class was the smallest so they were in the front and Jacques was directily in front of us.  He was so cute, still doesn't sing much but did most of the motions and was so proud the rest of the day.  Anthony was singing along in the audience and had a great time dancing and listening to the music.

Yesterday we got Anthony's birthday present, its the cutest thing.  Kokomis and Papy had seen a teeny bike, with no pedals, just for really little kids.  We are so sick of that noisy plastic trike of his so we got him one.  It looks great, the kid learns how to balance the bike but gets to keep his feet on the ground and just pushes with his feet, like a ride on toy.  The cutest tiny bike ever!! 

This morning Anthony was so tired he actuallly asked to go down for his nap, its been over 3 hours and he's still asleep-oh, just jinxed that I heard him cry!!  Still, what kid asks to go to sleep, so cute!

I had the following conversation with Jacques after he watched Disney's Sword in the Stone this morning.

J.  'Did he pull the sword out because he was the champignon (means mushroom in French-he meant champion)'

me.  'I guess so, bud'

J.  'Cause he's strong and ate all his bedge-a-bulls (vegtables)'

me.  'you got it'

J.  'I'm gonna eat all my bedge-a-bulls too, so I can be king too!'

so cute...

Ok, so I overused the word 'cute' today, sorry couldn't help it!!

April showers

I guess we deserve a little rain after all the nice weather we've been having, but does it have to be so cold???  Well, at least we don't have snow like my poor friend Kim.  Though, I probably just jinxed myself.  Its been windy too, we almost lost Anthony's hat in the Moselle!  I had caught it between my thumb and the bridge railing and was trying to grab it with the rest of my hand while holding the stroller with the other.  I got it, but the whole time I was sure it was going in the river!!  I put their hoods up over the hats going over the water today!!

Not sure if its the weather that's setting my mood or just reflecting it.  I've been a bit gloomy, I think it has a lot to do with this darn cold that will not go away, or a job, that has soooo lost its joy.  Seriously thinking of quitting before the baby comes; like i had originally planned.  Babysitting will be a problem once school finishes, and Jackie leaved mid-July; and its not like I have a huge course load.  Not to mention they never stop shuffling people around over there and they have this new girl who does not seem to like her job and every time I talk to her, she seem to be in a snit of some kind... hopefully she doesn't speak English, know I have a blog and figure out I'm talking about her, haha!!

On a happy note (can you tell I'm going to say something scrapbook related??) , the UPS truck came with a box of the new Flair papers and other goodies!!  They are so pretty, I can't wait to finish the stuff I'm working on now so I can play.  My sister Nicole was tifted that I made her get her picture taken with me so soon after having Dean (so I could do a 'sister' assignment for them), I don't know if she'll be dissappointed or relieved that they didn't use that layout.  They did use one of my tags for the back of the sticker sheet though, totally cool!!!

Off to do laundry or scrap or something more productive while the boys sleep.