Nautical Festival in Basse Ham

an afternoon with Eloise

Ok, so I wanted to post this a lot sooner, but I ended up having to scan these photos 3 times, because little fingers kept turning off the computer before I got around to saving them!!  Don't tell me the benefits of digital, I don't want to hear it, lol!!

EloiseOur visit with Eloise was so nice.  It's been awhile since we've seen her because now that she's at the Red Cross the boys can't go to her room like they could at the hospital in Dijon.  So one of us had to keep them entertained while the other visited with Eloise.  On top of that she gets upset when she's sees us ther without one of her parents, because she knows that means they aren't coming, that's hard too, when we only have a bit of time with her and she cries for the first half. 

This time Franck w3_kids_walkas there so she was outside with him (only parents can take her out on the grounds).  She looked so great, just her oxygen tube to give her away as 'different'  She showed us around the grounds and we went for a walk and the boys had a lot of fun with her.  It was the first time that Jacques actually was able to play with her and really the first time Anthony really got to see her as its been almost a year since they have been able to see her.  Jacques_points_2

The boys were great, they really didn't shy away from the fact that she was 'different'.  Jacques had questions but accepted the answers and Eloise for what they were...

Light_sabor_1 The boys love Fonk Fonk {as Jacques calles him} or Fronk Fronk Fronk {Anthony's mimic of Jacqes' version}.  He's always goofing around with them and tossing them in the air and he's just a very fun uncle!!Tony_and_franck   Actually, on the way to Compiegne {where Franck is living and future location of the rest of the Dijon gang} in the car, Franck and Matthieu were just chatting, probably about work.  Jacques asked why Fonk Fonk wasn't being silly!!

Tony_and_eloise_1 She definitely has that Vincens spirit.  I tend to think that just because she can't talk and she's in a med. centre that she's this calm demure angel!  She's a stinker, just like my boys!!  Franck had given her a bath and a nurse came in to put in her feeding tube, Franck wanted to wait the 3 minutes it would take to dry her off and dress her and the nurse kept on insisting that she needed to do it right away.  Franck won and while he was dressing Eloise, she kept pointing at the nurse and making the sign for foolish.  The nurse had no idea, but Franck and I sure did, I couldn't look at him...  Then later, another nurse was doing the routine nightly checks with Eloise on her bed.  Eloise kept asking for her slippers, didn't want to wear her shoes, because they don't go with pj's.  She had Franck and I and the foolish nurse searching the whole room over, no slippers!!  Then when her checks were done, she hopped off the bed walked over to a little drawer where she had hid her slippers then proceeded to call us all foolish!!  She's a riot!!Thionville_gang_and_eloise