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Half way

So here I am at 20 weeks, can't believe I've only that to go again before I'm the mom of 3 and have a teeny new baby to coo over and love.  Its seemed to go by super fast, but at the same time, I feel like I've been pregnant for quite a while, too.  Til now, its been pretty easy, not much weight gain, no morning sickness (I've got something worse coming to me, I know it!), and little discomfort whatsoever.  I've been lucky.  I'm thinking this weekend I'll ask Matthieu to take down my maternity clothes, so far hipster pants are working wonderfully and the ones I'm wearing today are a regular, non-maternity size 7 (or 38 french) can you believe that!!  But, many of my shirts are no longer cutting it and barely meet the top of my pants.  I think the weight gain thing has been the most shocking, since I was as big as a house by this time with both the boys.  Ah well, I've been craving sweets a lot this week so I won't stay at 8lbs for much longer, teehee!!

The baby has been moving a lot today, its such a cool feeling.  The movements are getting stronger and more often.  This is the fun part before the rib kicking, bladder squishing begins!!