Its a......

Just a Little Update...

Hi all, I thought that I'd just give a run down on what's been going on around here.  Its HOT!!  Its like we skipped spring and hopped right into summer in 3 days!!  Over the weekend we were in sweaters, heavy pants and jackets and yesterday it was shorts and sunblock!!!  I gotta admit the boys look cute with their skinny little legs and knobby knees!  The sunblock dance is not fun though.  If you've put it on a child you know the drill, trying to rub it in while holding one of their hands, pulling them towards you as they back away steadily to avoid the goop!  All the while you've gotta keep the darn stuff out of their hair and off their clothes {man that stuff stains!} but at the same time not missing any spots!

Hmm... what else is new..?

I just found out that the poor man has been living in a whole or under a rock or something for the last 30 years!!  How did he, living in a family of 6 boys, go this long with out seeing the original Star Wars movies?????  We went to the new one the other night and there was so much he didn't know, I was shocked!!  I mean its been 10 years since I saw the old ones and some details are fuzzy, but there's basic things EVERYONE knows!!  Not Matthieu!!  The movie was great, my fav of the new 3 but I still prefer the oldies!!  I loved that he kept everything like the old ones, the hairstyles and Darth Vader's 70 style controls!!  Oh and Padmé's maternity clothes rawked!!!  Wondering where I can get me some of those...

After the movie we went out for oysters and lobster.  Matthieu couldn't just go to Amarine which is just beside the theatre, he had to go to La Lorraine downtown Luxembourg to get his oysters.  The restaurant was unbelievably loud, I was suprised that a classy restaurant wouldn't kick rude people out, instead all the other tables cleared out!  On top of that they had no Canadian lobster left!!  Grrr!

Matthieu is also jealous that the boys and I got to go Spain so we are leaving again on Saturday for a week.  Fancy oysters and trips to Spain, and he says the boys are spoiled...

Let's see... me...
I've gotten to that stage where I can basically not wear regular clothes any more but maternity clothes make me look enormous and tent-like!!  This baby has grown so much in the last month, I feel like I'm going to topple over.  I do have regular clothes on today, I'm so glad the trend this spring { in France anyway} is flowy bohemian things so I've got an ample tank top that has a no-tent look!  22 week ultra sound tomorrow.

He gets smoke, dust, mist and steam mixed up and can't tell when to use which word.  Well, today he pointed out all the people that were *steaming*!!!  He meant smoking of course, and there are sooooo many people in France that smoke.  On the way to preschool this morning it seemed everyone had one hanging out of their mouths and it was only 8:30!!!  Ick!

His favourite thing these days is identifying all the vehicles, and there are so many on the way too and from school over the bridge!!  Totos {motorcycles} and choochoos are his favourite and are pretty plentiful, La yo yehs {Land Rovers} come next, but they are far more rare!!  Tassees {Taxis} are a new favourite since he started watching the fast cars and totos in the French movie Taxi.  Thank goodness for bye eeks {bikes} because they are everywhere and he can get in to such a tizzy if he doesn't find something exciting, and I can always point out a bike to make him calm down that Irish temper of his!!

Happy Thursday all... such a great one!