Half way

Musical beds

Well, I think we've all slept in about 16 beds in the last 24 hours!!  Ok, I'm exaggerating, but not by much.  We left Franck after visiting with Eloise {more on her later} at about 11 pm so the boys and I started out night in the car.  About an hour later Jacques woke up with this annoying whiny cry, but we couldn't figure out what was wrong with him.  Once we got home {almost 2ish} everyone went in their own beds until about an hour later, Jacques woke up again, whiny.  He came with us and fell asleep, but he must have woken up Anthony because he started crying.  I went in and instead of us all squishing in our bed I took him out of the crib and cuddled in his *big boy* bed.  A couple of hours later I heard Jacques and Matthieu in the kitchen so I switched with Matthieu so he could sleep after the long drive.  He did have to work this morning {unlike a lot of other lazy French people, LOL}.  He went in Jacques' bed and I took Jacques back to our bed where he slept in until 10:15!!! 

Anyway the point to this tale... and there is one...  Anthony woke up in his *big boy* bed this morning happy as a lark and when it was time for his morning nap he headed right for it and again this afternoon.  He's in there now as the boys are in bed for the night...  He's no longer nervous of it, but knows he's a big boy!!  now, if we could only master the potty thing...