an afternoon with Eloise

Nautical Festival in Basse Ham

Matthieu had mentioned this 'fête' but I really didn't think much of it.  Yesterday morning he took the boys out for a bike ride so I could clean the shower and scrapbook etc, finished this!!  I was expecting them back late morning so that Anthony could have a short sleep before lunch.  About 5 minutes before I decided that I would start worrying the phone rings, they are in Basse Ham at the festival.  I shouldn't expect them before 1:30 because they are taking a sail!!  Ok, for those who don't know, Basse Ham is about 5 kms from our house along the river, Jacques biked 5kms!!!!!  Sheesh, just a month ago this kid still had his training wheels on!  Don't worry they took the path the whole way, it leaves from behind Matthieu's warehouse so the poor little guy wasn't in traffic.  He had a bit of help from Dad on the way home, but my little athlete biked about 10K yesterday!!!