Musical beds
an afternoon with Eloise


This morning I woke up a little before 7 to a small noise outside my bedroom.  My first thought was that it was Jacques, up for the day, but he had gotten up earlier and fell back asleep in our bed.  Then, I thought it was the bird having his breakfast, but the sound was too close to be coming from teh birdcage.  Then, I heard the telltale 'kwee, kwee, kwee' of Anthony's bottle nipple (he doesn't like pacifiers, but loves his bottle nipple).  I hadn't thought of him because I forgot that he could get out of bed by himself now that he's in the *big boy* bed.  This is the first time he's woken up before me since the switch. 

I said 'come in Anthony' and I heard the slap slap of his teeny feet on the hardwood and he came in and climbed up in the bed with me.  I held him close and he said 'Hi Mama' and took his hand and placed it on my cheek and rubbed my face.

Pure sweetness.