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Here are a couple of pix from Jacques' day at the farm.  The one of him posing is at 8:30 am, look how hot he looks already.  They came home after lunch because it was too hot and there was no shade.  He still had a fabulous time!!

Farm_1 Farm_2

Useful MILs, a Land Rover and A Midnight swim

Useful MILs

So saturday we were talking about laundry for some strange reason and ironing and I mentioned that my clothes seem to be wrinkled when I take them out of the washer, even if it just finished.  When I'm at mom's or her place in Spain that never happens.  She said my spin cycle must be set too high, and she was right!!  I turned it down and I've had so much less ironing to do that today I got down far enough in the pile to iron a flannel shirt!  With this heat wave you can only imagine how long that's been there!  I guess, we could all use a MIL after all...

La Yo Yeh {Land Rover}

Last night we all went to supper with Papy, he's single while Kokomis is staying with the Dijon cousins.  Claire is off with Eloise for the week.  He was in great spirits and the boys are so wild about this truck!!  You think they won the lottery!  On top of that we went to the restaurant with the TOYS.  Afterwards, we checked out the work at their house in Sierck.  Papy is so excited about it, he's like a little kid.

A Midnight swim

The boys have a pool, its quite big.  The go in most days around 6:30, but there was no way I was hopping in there with them with the rush hour traffic going by on the bridge.  Ok, so it wasn't 12, but when we got home from supper, almost 11, Jacques and I headed for the pool!!  I was actually cold for a few minutes when I first got in and it felt soooooo nice.  Yesterday was the hardest for me, it was so hot and I didn't have much relief.  The pool was exactly what I needed.  I'd be out there right now, but it rained again tonight and its so cool out, LOVIN' this!!!!


Blessed Rain.

Beautiful, blessed, comfortable, cool RAIN.

Not your mother's stockings...

When I was little my mother and her sisters all wore those elastic stocking for vericose veins.  They were the kneesock variety, dark navy blue, tight and ugly.  Now that I'm getting bulgey veins I'm wearing my version of these {fabulous} hose...  Now they may not be navy blue and they are thigh high with a lace at the top, but don't let that fool you into thinking they could be sexy!!  They are still tight and ugly!!   I have a love-hate relationship with them.

Really when you think about it, the amount of time that I will have to wear them is relatively small when you think that I'll be avoiding purple legs for life.  Also, the last time I got my legs waxed, she missed a spot, and thanks to my stockings you can see it!!  You can't see anything through these thing!!  Actually, they had to special order them in my pale colour.  Aparently no one in Thionville has chicken legs.  Mine are both the colour of chicken skin and the size of their legs!! LOL!

They are hot, ugly, I have to wash them by hand each night.  The first pair is full of holes.  Did I mention they are hot?  They are nearly impossible to get on, the rubbery stuff at the top (to hold them up) gives me a rash.   They are hot and we are in the middle of a heat wave.  They are ugly.   

BUT they are saving my legs so for now I'll wear 'em!  sigh...

One of those days

I get a bit absent minded anyway, but while pregnant, it can get pretty bad.  I usually set a time for 11:15 am so that I'm not late picking up Jacques from preschool.   This gives me enough time to finish what I'm doing (today it was posting at peas) run to the bathroom and wake up Anthony and get his shoes on.  All with enough time so that I don't have to rush to get to the school on time at 11:45.  It takes 15 mins when its not a million degrees out and when I'm not pregnant!! 

So today, all was going well, I just had to put Anthony's shoes on and we were good to go.  BUT!!!  I smelled something funky, and when we got to the change table i saw he had made a colossal mess!!  I grabbed a wipe and tried to be quick... last wipe!!  I had just bought more with the groceries but they were still in the car... Matthieu brings up the non-fridge stuff at lunch time.  There were no toilet wipes left either... again in the car.  The only wipes in the house were in my bag in a little travel box.  Got those and used every single one!!  could have used one more, but that was already 10 or so... told you it was colossal!!   It could have been worse, I've had diapers fall poop side down on the floor before!

I got to the school just as the teacher was letting the kids go...  she must have been having 'one of those days' too, because she gave me Jacques' school work, slippers, paint smock etc, talked about the spiderman invitations he brought this morning, but then forgot to get Jacques for me, LOL!!!

O. M. G.

I'm melting, I swear it!!  Actually I don't know which is worse, the actual heat, or ALL the people asking me how I'm doing, if I'm too hot, if I have still a long time to go...  I guess the rivers of sweat are not enough indication that I'm am in fact very hot and I'm not doing that well.  Even not pregnant I don't DO heat!!!  The sun is blazing these days!  Its really not a good idea to go out side between lets see 11am and 7 pm!  Its 4pm right now and its 32 in the shade, phew!!  The boys are great, they sleep pretty much all afternoon so I can just sit there and do nothing but imagine away the heat.  Anthony seems more like his dad and can stand it a bit better, Jacques is like the non pg me and gets all hot and flustered. 

Its supposed to storm soon so hopefully that will help... 

Oh, and to top everything off, I've got to wear these horridly hot stockings for my veins.  As soon as I take them off at night my legs start throbbing.  But, at the same time I'm so thankful for them as I have no vericose viens... yet.  Regardless how hot they are, they are staying.

Quick Update

just to let you know, I talked to my OB and he's not concerned at all!!!  Wheeeee haw!

Crazy, hectic, roller coaster day

warning this is super long but I just needed to get my thoughts down...


First of all its too hot to breathe around here these days.   The sun is blaring and its so humid!  Yesterday it was 36°C and today I'm sure it was that hot if not hotter plus, more humid.  It was already 25°C at 8am and its still 28°C at 11pm!!!  Jacques had his 4 year appt at the paediatrician today at 2:15 and I knew that would be long and that Anthony was better off not coming so not to distract Jacques so I asked Jackie (our American exchange student babysitter) to meet us to take Anthony.  Then Jacques had a birthday party at 4:30.  I knew I'd be running around a bit all day, but decided that I really needed some sun dresses to get through this heat and there's a baby/maternity store nearby the funpark where the birthday party was being held.  I figured I'd pop out for a minute or two to do some shopping.

So here's how today played out. 

Anthony has a bit of a cold and diarrhea so I was thinking about taking him in to the doctor while we were there.  The deciding factor was a strange rash that I found on his legs and stomach after his nap this morning.  The walk home from school was horridly hot.  The bridge is the worst as its basically 10mins of blazing sun with no shade breaks...  The boys were cranky from the heat, Matthieu and I were not too happy about the heat either but add the stress of this weird rash and you have a recipe for a stressful lunch hour. 

We left for the dr's {in the car!!} and met up with Jackie, she came up with us and the boys were wired in the waiting room.  I was so glad to have a second pair of hands to help keep them a bit on the calm side.  We finally went in and Dr Klink checked out Anthony and immediately started asking about my pregnancy.  She said 'cinquieme maladie' and my heart sunk, I had never heard of this before, but guessed that it must be fifth disease and I was right... no big deal for poor Anthony, just the rash and a bit of cold symptoms but for the little one, it could be bad {more later}.  Since the rash was gone by the time we got to the dr's she ordered a blood test, so Jackie took him to the pharmacie to get the patch to numb his arm and we'd meet them at the park.

Jacques' turn...  He passed with flying colours, literally!!  She's pretty sure he's not colourblind, which was a real possiblity since my dad is.  Not only that he sees a whole lot better than 20/20!!  In French its 10/10 and he's about 12/10!!  She was really astonished at how well he was able to identify even the smallest pictures with absolutely no hestation!   His ears are great as well now that he had tubes.  She does want him to see a speech therapist for his French pronunciation.  She feels he's not making progress and considering there are 20+ kids in his class, his teacher doesn't have the time to concentrate on that.  So he'll be going once a week and Matthieu is going to try to speak to him in French more.  Its no big deal, she just wants to catch it now.  PLUS...  he didn't even flinch when he got his shot let alone cry.  That's my brave boy!

At the park...  Anthony's patch would be working enough to get a blood test at 4:11pm and Jacques' party was at 4:30.  I decided to leave Anthony with Jackie to get the blood test and I drove Jacques all the way to the funpark after stopping at the house to get the gift.  I then came back and picked up Jackie and my other brave boy who didn't cry getting his blood test either!!  Don't I have brave boys?  I drove them to the house and then headed back to the fun park.  I hesitated going to get my dresses, but knew that I'd die in this heat without them.  The store I was thinking of moved, so I drove around finally found it and they ended up getting rid of their maternity clothes, grrr!!!  I went to another store nearby and bought 3, plus some tank top.  What a relief!  After the fun park I had to drive home in the 'fete de la musique' traffic then drive through it again to take Jackie home.  I was never so glad to get out of my car...

so on top of this crazy day, I've got this fifth disease thing to worry about.  Its not sure that's what Anthony has.  We won't know for about a week.  We checked out the rash on the internet and it sort of looks the same, but fifth disease consists of 2 rashes, the one like he had, plus another one 2 days previous where his cheeks are really red, which he didn't have???  If that's what it is, he's no longer contagious, once the rash breaks out he can no longer pass it on.  That doesn't mean that he hasn't already passed it on to me or Jacques or Matthieu, there's a 50% chance.  So tomorrow I'm going to call my OB, stay away from Jacques and Matthieu and watch them and myself for the early signs.  If I do get it, there's a 2.5% chance that the baby will get it.  If the baby gets it, it will die!!  That's the totally scary part that has Matthieu and I worried of course.  There is absolutely no chance that the baby will have birth defects, in other words if the baby is born, it will be normal.  All or nothing...

happy father's day!!

Just wanted to wish a happy day to my Dad and all the dad's out there!!!

Dad, where are you and why aren't you answering your cell phone?  Big hugs happy day.

Pregnant women should not be allowed to drive!

I'm completely serious about this!!  Don't laugh!!  I was always a bit absent minded behind the wheel while preggo with the boys and casually thought about this.  But, that was just a couple of times in my third tri.  This time around, its been happening since my 5th month.  I just don't/can't pay attention.  Just the other day I didn't see a lady in the crosswalk until I was practically on top of her and a couple of weeks ago I stopped at a GREEN light!  I didn't even realise until it turned yellow, LOL!!!  Then there are the times when I arrive somewhere and I can't remember the ride or the route I took.

I'm not better with the stroller, I left my bag in it when I took Jacques into his classroom!  At least there I can't really hurt anyone, well maybe those delicate Yorkshire terriers with my big wheels!  I actually shouldn't be left in charge of my children either.  I bound to forget them somewhere like my bag!!  For the time being I'll walk when I can and try and pay close attention when I do need to drive.  I probably should put bells on the boys too, or at least write their names and addresses on their shirts, ha!!