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No, it is NOT twins!

If one more person asks me that!!  Luckily I haven't gained much besides my belly, but boy do I have a belly!!  We had an ultrasound today.  Sorry no interesting pix...  the stubborn child had its back to us most of the time but we did get to see an odd profile at the end.  Anyway, an average baby at this stage should weigh less that 3.5 lbs, well, ours is about 4.5!!!!  No wonder this belly is the size of a small country. 

The dr is worried that I won't make it to the Luxembourg hospital on time to deliver there!!! But, I think I'd rather give birth in the car than at Bel Air, our local hospital...

I'm just going to Spain mom!

Jacques left yesterday afternoon for his 2 week vacation with Kokomis and his 2 older cousins.  Its a trip just for 'les grands'.  He feels so important whenever he is included with Mathilde {8} and Baptiste {5}.  He was in the car and I was saying good-bye and I said something along the lines of 'I'll miss you' and he responded with 'I'm just going to Spain mom!'  He could have added Sheesh to the end as that was his tone...  He was happy and has been excited for about a week now, so naturally he slept the whole way to Dijon {3 hours}.  They should arrive at the IL's house in Spain sometime tonight.

Anthony is having a blast alone.  Albeit, the first words out of his mouth after his nap yesterday {J left while he was asleep} was ' I wah (want) Dac (Jacaues).'  They had said their good-byes before his nap so I think he was just checking to make sure he really was gone.  He doesn't seem to be missing him much yet. Though, I 'm keeping him pretty busy.  This morning we went to the pool, we started potty training as well... he went once and hasn't had an accident today.  I put a diaper on him because I'm babysitting today, so I figured we'd continue tomorrow.  They are both 'asleep' now.

Me on the other hand, I'm missing him but keeping myself busy.  I know he's having fun and is in good hands so I'm not worried, just lonesome.

The birthday party went well on Sunday.  I plan to pick up the photos on the way to the pool tomorrow.  I think both Louise and Jacques were happy. 

That leaves poor Matthieu, he's had a rough time since Jacques left...  Papy and Marc (Matthieu's 'cousin') came for supper around 8 and we didn't even sit down when we heard one of the workers calling Matthieu.  He was sick and was going home.  There are only 2 on the evening shift so that meant that Eric and Matthieu had to help the other guy load the trucks, Wednesday night is the worst for loading.  Anyway, Eric helped first and Matthieu ate with us and took off pretty quickly.  This was about 8H30.  He came home just before 11 in pain, he had fallen off one of the trucks!!  He was able to roll when he hit, otherwise he would have hit his head, but he either broke a rib or two or has a pinched nerve.  He then went back to do up his daily invoices!  The silly work-a-holic that he is went to work today and refuses to go to the hospital.  He figures if its broken ribs, there's no point as they can't do anything for him... MEN!!!  Most activities he's fine, just getting up from a sitting or lying position is pretty difficult.  Of course he's milking it for all its worth!

Happy Birthday Jacques

He is just about ready to go to bed... he had a great day.  He was woken up by his brother singing Happy Birthday to him, then we went to the playground, had his hair cut, got to go on a ride on one of the forklifts at 'Daddy's work' and in his uncle's Land rover.  Lots of fun when you are 4!!  We are having some family over on Sunday to celebrate.

a bit more...

Forgot to mention that we took the boys to the movie theatre Friday night.  We saw Madagascar, which was kinda cute.  The boys really had a great time, Anthony was a bit antsy at times but way calmer than I thought he'd be.  We went out to eat after but both of them were so tired from the busy week with lots of late nights that Jacques actually crashed at the table and Anthony fell asleep before we were in the car 2 minutes.

Harry_potter_a Here's that LO that I did this weekend, can't really read the journaling so here it is:   I know a lot of die hard Harry fans, but not many who will give themselves a jagged scar on their forehead. Albeit, yours was caused by a radiator and not a Dark wizard. You love the movies (the parts I let you watch) and you’ve fallen asleep with my book even though at 3 year old you can’t read. I was more taken with nicole’s cupboard under the stairs but you did pose long enough for some photos.


Finally, here's a belly shot...  about 28 weeks, I'll be 30 tomorrow so pretty recent, for a film girl. 

Busy Week

Seems like everyday this week there was something exciting going on.

Monday  Louise is here visiting with Kokomis for the week.  They stopped by at about 8:30 as we were on the way out the door to the grocery store.  The boys ended up spending the day with them and I got to go to the grocery store by myself!  What a dream!

Tuesday zoo day.  We left around 9 and spent the better part of the day there.  We went with Kokomis and Louise and the kids were so well behaved despite the heat.  Well, unless you count eating all the popcorn that was supposed to be for the animals, lol!!  There was a new sea lion show and it was fantastic, I think Kokomis liked it even better than the kids did!

Wedndesday  Jacques had his birthday party with his friends today.  I had originally invited all 14 boys from his class, hoping that with vacations and such we'd get 5-6 kids, there were 2!!  Well, there was also one little sister and Anthony so it actually was 5.  I was nervous that Jacques would be dissappointed but he had so much fun and these two boys are the sweetest as are their moms.  We are all going to Arthur's house on Wednesday so that should be fun as well.  I had some games planned but the boys were happier playing with Jacques' toys.  Anthony wasn't too keen on sharing which isn't like him...  I did have prizes for everyone, and its a good thing because they are still at an age where they don't understand why they can't all get gifts.  So after Jacques opened his gifts, the others got prizes to open too.   I sent them home with great goodie bags too.  I guess there are advantages to having only 2 guests!  Jackie came to help out and I'm so glad she did.  I think, even not pregnant I may get a babysitter next time!  It really let me chat with the moms and have an extra pair of hands and eyes...  She's leaving Friday (the 15th) for America, gonna miss her, the boys didn't really understand but were still happy to give her lots of extra hugs and kisses.

Thursday a holiday here, la fête nationale.  It was a lazy day as I needed a bit of down time after all the activities this week, plus its so freakin' hot here!   I got some scrapbooking done (my sweet godson) but I can't post it as I submitted it.  And the boys got some Daddy time!  Plus, there were fireworks last night and tonight!

Friday 5 years!!  They say the first 5 years of marriage are the hardest, so here we are with 2 2/3 kids lots of memories and a 'future bright beyond compare'.  The standard gift for 5 years is wood and we always get something for ourselves rather than each other... so we are going antique shopping... maybe when it cools off.  One place has a huge bookcase that we'd like to have a look at.

Saturday Happy Harry day!!   I got my book at about 9am, we went outside and I got to read a chapter before it got too sunny in the front yard.  Once we lost the shade we came in and the boys spent an hour in the bath.  No FIGHTS, that's a miracle in itself, let alone for a whole hour.  Its so hot that they enjoyed the coolness of the water.  I read another chapter and cleaned a bit.  I'm limiting myselft to two chapters a day, for now anyway, I'll kick it up a bit once the plot gets going.  I want to savour this book since it's so close to the end of the series.  Helen is in Stockholm this weekend and I'm dying for her to get back and start reading her copy so we can chat about it.  We are going to read it at the same pace so we can discuss...  I also did a Harry layout, its 99% finished, I'll post it when I get it done and scanned.

Well, that was our week...  I'm still a film gal all the way so the photos are not yet available...  I'll post 'em ASAP.  For now, here's one from the Cherry festival a couple of weeks ago.  Cherry_festival_me_and_boys

There are more added to the new photo album June/July 05... the festival, and some of our soon to be birthday boy...  ENJOY!


A reflective day, not really sad but just thinking what life would be like it things happened differnently.  Today was my due date with the baby I lost due to a miscarriage in November.  Today, I'm sure would be a sad day if I wasn't pregnant again. 


So my husband says to me today, 'Just because you think you aren't beautiful with a big belly doesn't mean I think the same thing.  You are beautiful and I love your belly.'

I guess I'll keep him, eh?

Third Trimester

Well, here I am, my first day into the third trimester and I don't know what to think.  Its strange its like some trimester switch has been flicked.  Yesterday I had a big belly, but I had energy, I was comfortable and feeling well.  Today, I'm tired, clumsy and uncomfortable and I had troubles sleeping last night.  Not to mention, my hips are on the move...  I have a feeling these 3 months are going to drag on forever.  It'll be long, hot, uncomfortable and I'm sure I'll be cranky  BUT, this also means that its only 3 months until I get to meet this sweet baby that seems to enjoy tap dancing and swimming and other wiggly activities!!!!!  I've got a lot to do before hand, birth announcement to make, not to mention Halloween costumes, I should get my Christmas shopping started {yeah, I'm strange like that}...  oh this really is exciting, a sweet snuggly baby, only gotta get through these 3 months first!!!

the perfect start to my day

About 6 years ago, Matthieu and I stayed in a bed and breakfast in NS.  It  was very country style and I loved it.  The best part was the bathroom.  When I went in to get washed in the morning, the bright, soft sunlight was coming in the large window.  The bathroom was completely white, the sunshine emphasised the cleanliness of it all.  It was so pretty, so soft.  I wanted it!!  I said to Matthieu that I wanted an all white bathroom with the sun shining in all morning.  I got just that. 

The bathroom faces the dusty warehouse and trucks are constantly blowing dirt up in the windows so its impossible to keep immaculately clean.  I swipe and mop it once a day, but its all worth it.  This morning in the shower the soft sunlight was coming in the windows, just like at that bed and breakfast.  I love my bathroom!

Summer Vacation

Drawing_june_05Yesterday was Jacques' last day of preschool.  He had a mix of emotions and it showed in his behavour.  Its funny how kids  react to certain changes in their environment.  Jacques doesn't like change much at all and was being so defiant this last week.  Plus, I'm worried for his teacher next year and he picked up on that as well.  He could either have a strict teacher or one that changes pretty much monthly.  We really lucked out with his teachers this year, fabulous!!  I made them these cards and jacques helped me make these books.  notice his drawings on the shrinky dink???  They really liked them and I'm so glad they realised how much we apreciated all they've done this year...  Nous vous aimons beaucoup, Mme Boll et Patricia!!