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Blessings to Count

In light of the disaster in the States, not to mention, the recent floods and forest fires that are closer to home, I realised that all my little complaints are nothing, if that's all I have to complain about.  I'm lucky...

I'm lucky to have 2 healthy, happy boys to drive me crazy.

I'm lucky to be pregnant for the third time, a relatively easy pregnancy, a low risk pregnancy that gives me random aches and pains.

I'm lucky to have a husband who loves me,  takes care of me and drives me crazy.

I'm lucky to have a bed to sleep in with tiny bodies squishing me from the inside and out.

I'm lucky to have a car that works and sounds like an airplane and has broken AC.

I'm lucky that the sun is shining and making it too hot outside.

I'm lucky to have clothes on my back even if they seem to be getting smaller and smaller everyday.

I'm lucky to have food on my table, so much so that I've gained 31 lbs so far this pregnancy.

I'm lucky to have two hobbies that I adore even when I'm up to my eyeballs in Halloween costumes and end of the month scrapbooking deadlines are looming.

I'm LUCKY...

And how, exactly, am I supposed to do this?

By that I mean keep Jacques calm for a week???  We got home yesterdat at about 1:30 and he woke up yesterday about 4  after a long nap and within 45 minutes I had broken up countless fights between he and his brother, sent him to the timeout chair and threatened to take him back to the hospital and leave him there, LOL!!  Can you tell he's feeling fine?

Movies are working at keeping him calm, but since Anthony isn't much of a TV guy, he gets bored and tries to get Jacques going.  This morning's video did last 30 minutes, before they decided jumping on and off of the couch would be fun!  Anthony is now in the tub (don't worry not far from the 'puter) and Jacques is back to sitting on the couch watching Robin Hood (the Disney version).

Matthieu decided that being cooped up all day wasn't good for the boys and decided, against my better judgement to take his invalid son, his high strung 2 year old son, and their 9 (almost) month pregnant mother on a 40 minute walk to a restaurant for dinner.  Jacques wanted to run but he's not supposed to, couldn't eat much on anything on the menu, Anthony was tired, cranky and behaved like a 2 year old and I started having contractions about 10 minutes into the walk (they stopped once we sat down) and cranked the whole time.  Not to mention we've all come down with a nasty cold and all I want to do today is lie in bed.  I think I'll settle for reading blogs on the internet and surfing for cool scrapbook pages.

Speaking of being in bed and hyper 2 year olds...  This morning Anthony came in our room early and was raring to go for the day.  Matthieu was getting dressed and I was hiding under the covers.  He decided this was a great opporunity to jump on the bed...  Matthieu took him off a couple of time for him only to climb back up and start again.  He jumped towards my feet and my bed is raised at the end, he missed my feet and was sliding head first down over the otherside of the raised bit towards the floor.   I don't know how I did it but I caught him with my feet!  I just reacted and the next thing I knew I was hanging onto his little ankle with my two ankles... crazy.  That's my good mothering moment of the day, saving my baby from a head injury half asleep, LOL!!

I've a got a million emails to get through, so if you're waiting for one from me, it'll come... 

Quick Update

Hi all,

Anthony and I just got home for the night... 

Jacques did fantastic, he was so brave!!  He went down at 8am and was back up by 11.  The orderly said that he was a brave boy.  It hurts to talk, swallow etc so he uses signs and didn't drink as much as he should but other than that all is good.  Pretty tired though.  He still has a fear of anything stuck into his mouth by any one slightly 'medical', as a result of his tongue being stitched up while he was only under a local...  Most of the nurses and the dr were nice when checking his throat, a couple insisted on holding him and usinga  tongue depressor/popsicle stick thingy.  Poor kid, it was so much better with the patient ones... 

He's home tomorrow, should be before noon...  Its been a LOOOOONNG day,  I'm off to bed right after I do a load of laundry, LOL!!


Lots of stuff going on around here lately.  I know I haven't been around here much as I've been trying to get the Halloween costumes finished up.  So I've been spending less time on line.

We went to the annual fair in Luxembourg this weekend.  It was tons of fun, I love fair food, cotton candy, candied apples and honey roasted almonds are my favs.  Here, though, they have this fish tradition thing.  Think fish and chips, but its the whole freakin' fish, and its so good!!  the boys went on lots of rides and even won a spiderman!

La Maternité de la Grande Duchesse Charlotte
Doesn't that sound important?  Its the name of the hospital where I'll deliver.  I went today for my first appt there.  I met my doctor, who's really nice, easy going and not to strict.  I like their policies as well, completely willing to let me have my natural birth as long as nothing goes wrong.  The place was immaculately clean, which is such a change from the hospital here!!  Only problem, I have to go in every freakin' week until the baby comes.  Since its 25 mins away and they will monitor the baby each time, I'll be gone over 2 hours each time... anyone free on Tuesdays to babysit?

Jacques' operation
Tomorrow he goes in to the hospital (yes, the grotty one, poor kid) to get his tonsils and adnoids removed.  the op is on Thurs, so he goes in late tomorrow and stays until Friday morning.  Its not going to be fun for my little guy so please say a prayer for him if that's your thing, if not keep him in your thoughts.  I'll be there during the days with him and Matthieu the nights (its hard enough getting comfortable on my own bed these days, let alone a roll away cot), so if you don't hear from me that's where I am.  I'll try to post an update when I come home Thursday night.

I'll leave you with a 'smaller' photo of me...  I actually put this one over the one from yesterday and my belly is really the same size, its the sweater and pose I think that make the difference.  The photos were taken a day apart...33_weeks

Just to tide you over...


Congratulations Vanessa and Michael

A really good friend of mine is getting married today!!!  We became good friends in grade 11, I think, and hung out all through high school and university.  Though we live 6 times zones away we still keep in touch{llove the internet!!} and we'll even get to hang out when we are both home at Christmas time.  I called her on Thursday and she sounded so calm, relaxed and ready.  The way a bride should be!!  I was surprised and not surprised when I hung up the phone and saw that we had been talking for 90 mins!!!

Dad, show me pix as soon as you can!

The little one is extremely sorry for keeping us here in France, otherwise, we'd be there in a heartbeat! 

Have a great day guys!


goals and movies and cat gifts- the post I wanted to post on Tuesday

I actually did really well with my goals during my alone time.  The only things I really didn't get done were the scrapbooking (after MMM) and the hypnobirthing and exercise.  Told you I was slack when it comes to taking care of myself...  Caught up with ironning, etc and Matthieu commented on how nice the house looked, said he should go away more often.  Off course, now it looks like a hurricane came through here with all the toys all over the place, LOL!!

I watched a bunch of movies while the boys were away, mostly just to watch while ironning, sewing and working on the baby announcements...  Two that I've seen before, I am Sam and Mickey Blue Eyes, two that I'll watch again many times!!!  I am Sam is such an incredible roller coaster of emotions where literally I was crying one minute then laughing out loud through my tears the very next minute.  The acting is superb, the soundtrack is fabulous and those friends of Sam's... the absolute sweetest!!  I always love a Hugh Grant movie, nice eye candy... the only ones I don't like him in are the Bridgit Jones movies, but that's because his character is a slime even if he does look great.  I was laughing so hard, here all by myself...  if anyone heard me I'm sure they would have thought that preggo lady is crazy!!  The funniest moment...  hmmm a tie between the persistant Chinese restaurant owner{you eat cookie} and Hugh trying to talk like a mobster {fugeh aboud eed}.   Another one I have to add to my Hugh collection.  If you haven't seen these movies, go rent them now!!!

Cat Gifts
My cats are so sweet, they must have sensed that I was all alone and left a little present for me on my doorstep.  Fabulous hunters those two...  I stepped out and there it was in all its mousey glory.  Now, for those of you who don't know I was a biologist in my life before kids.  I've dissected many things in my life and even saw something very 'graffic' while working in lab, that I won't even mention here.  BUT, when I stepped out, fully determined to pick up the mouse, plastic covered dust pan in one hand, another bag covering my other hand, I FROZE!  My pregnant, squemish self could not even make myself bend down and pick it up!  Luckily my SIL passed by a bit later and got rid of it for me.  Merci Magaly!!


Vanessa, Judy and Alex,  mom said that you must have seen my blog.  See below there, just right below it says 'comments'?  Well click on it and write something!!!!!  LOL

hugs, I'll call this week Ness, she's getting married everyone!!

My 3 Hussards are home!!

It was so good to see them and have them here, even though it seems Jacques has been under the bad influence of his older cousins and Anthony is a bit tired and cranky.  but, they are warm and snuggly and HERE!!

For those of you who don't know a Hussard is a soldier from Napolian's time.  Our street is called 3 Hussards so that's where the title came from.  Speaking of which I found this photo in a book I bought FIL for his birthday. Click on it for a bigger image.

3_hussards_aFor those who have never been here, that's our house on the left, we have the middle floor.  There are lots of changes, there's not date but I'm betting this dates back at least 1OO years.  Look at the tree, look how skinny it is.  I should get out today and get a shot from the same place. 

It was strange, just last week a man was here from the town to talk to FIL, they want to redevelop this area of town.  He had no idea of the historical aspect of this area.  The very next day I went shopping for a gift for Papy and there was this book on Thionville with my house inside!!

Well, I just wanted to pop on while the boys rediscoved their toys.  I had problems with typepad yesterday and couldn't post.  I've got a couple of entries in my head, so maybe i'll be back.  Probably not today as I've two fabulous little guys to cuddle with and love on!!

La Muga

La_muga_1 La_muga_2 This is where my family had lunch today...

Definitely my favourite restaurant in the area.  Its called La Muga, its run by two brothers, and the food is amazing. These photos are of the terrace,  and just off to the left is a fabulous lawn with pretty flowers and a great little playground.  Jacques and Anthony loved it, and we could eat, chat etc. without having to get after them not not sitting still or whatever. 

Only 24 hours to go...