La Muga

My 3 Hussards are home!!

It was so good to see them and have them here, even though it seems Jacques has been under the bad influence of his older cousins and Anthony is a bit tired and cranky.  but, they are warm and snuggly and HERE!!

For those of you who don't know a Hussard is a soldier from Napolian's time.  Our street is called 3 Hussards so that's where the title came from.  Speaking of which I found this photo in a book I bought FIL for his birthday. Click on it for a bigger image.

3_hussards_aFor those who have never been here, that's our house on the left, we have the middle floor.  There are lots of changes, there's not date but I'm betting this dates back at least 1OO years.  Look at the tree, look how skinny it is.  I should get out today and get a shot from the same place. 

It was strange, just last week a man was here from the town to talk to FIL, they want to redevelop this area of town.  He had no idea of the historical aspect of this area.  The very next day I went shopping for a gift for Papy and there was this book on Thionville with my house inside!!

Well, I just wanted to pop on while the boys rediscoved their toys.  I had problems with typepad yesterday and couldn't post.  I've got a couple of entries in my head, so maybe i'll be back.  Probably not today as I've two fabulous little guys to cuddle with and love on!!