Quick Update
Blessings to Count

And how, exactly, am I supposed to do this?

By that I mean keep Jacques calm for a week???  We got home yesterdat at about 1:30 and he woke up yesterday about 4  after a long nap and within 45 minutes I had broken up countless fights between he and his brother, sent him to the timeout chair and threatened to take him back to the hospital and leave him there, LOL!!  Can you tell he's feeling fine?

Movies are working at keeping him calm, but since Anthony isn't much of a TV guy, he gets bored and tries to get Jacques going.  This morning's video did last 30 minutes, before they decided jumping on and off of the couch would be fun!  Anthony is now in the tub (don't worry not far from the 'puter) and Jacques is back to sitting on the couch watching Robin Hood (the Disney version).

Matthieu decided that being cooped up all day wasn't good for the boys and decided, against my better judgement to take his invalid son, his high strung 2 year old son, and their 9 (almost) month pregnant mother on a 40 minute walk to a restaurant for dinner.  Jacques wanted to run but he's not supposed to, couldn't eat much on anything on the menu, Anthony was tired, cranky and behaved like a 2 year old and I started having contractions about 10 minutes into the walk (they stopped once we sat down) and cranked the whole time.  Not to mention we've all come down with a nasty cold and all I want to do today is lie in bed.  I think I'll settle for reading blogs on the internet and surfing for cool scrapbook pages.

Speaking of being in bed and hyper 2 year olds...  This morning Anthony came in our room early and was raring to go for the day.  Matthieu was getting dressed and I was hiding under the covers.  He decided this was a great opporunity to jump on the bed...  Matthieu took him off a couple of time for him only to climb back up and start again.  He jumped towards my feet and my bed is raised at the end, he missed my feet and was sliding head first down over the otherside of the raised bit towards the floor.   I don't know how I did it but I caught him with my feet!  I just reacted and the next thing I knew I was hanging onto his little ankle with my two ankles... crazy.  That's my good mothering moment of the day, saving my baby from a head injury half asleep, LOL!!

I've a got a million emails to get through, so if you're waiting for one from me, it'll come...