goals and movies and cat gifts- the post I wanted to post on Tuesday
Just to tide you over...

Congratulations Vanessa and Michael

A really good friend of mine is getting married today!!!  We became good friends in grade 11, I think, and hung out all through high school and university.  Though we live 6 times zones away we still keep in touch{llove the internet!!} and we'll even get to hang out when we are both home at Christmas time.  I called her on Thursday and she sounded so calm, relaxed and ready.  The way a bride should be!!  I was surprised and not surprised when I hung up the phone and saw that we had been talking for 90 mins!!!

Dad, show me pix as soon as you can!

The little one is extremely sorry for keeping us here in France, otherwise, we'd be there in a heartbeat! 

Have a great day guys!