Congratulations Vanessa and Michael

goals and movies and cat gifts- the post I wanted to post on Tuesday

I actually did really well with my goals during my alone time.  The only things I really didn't get done were the scrapbooking (after MMM) and the hypnobirthing and exercise.  Told you I was slack when it comes to taking care of myself...  Caught up with ironning, etc and Matthieu commented on how nice the house looked, said he should go away more often.  Off course, now it looks like a hurricane came through here with all the toys all over the place, LOL!!

I watched a bunch of movies while the boys were away, mostly just to watch while ironning, sewing and working on the baby announcements...  Two that I've seen before, I am Sam and Mickey Blue Eyes, two that I'll watch again many times!!!  I am Sam is such an incredible roller coaster of emotions where literally I was crying one minute then laughing out loud through my tears the very next minute.  The acting is superb, the soundtrack is fabulous and those friends of Sam's... the absolute sweetest!!  I always love a Hugh Grant movie, nice eye candy... the only ones I don't like him in are the Bridgit Jones movies, but that's because his character is a slime even if he does look great.  I was laughing so hard, here all by myself...  if anyone heard me I'm sure they would have thought that preggo lady is crazy!!  The funniest moment...  hmmm a tie between the persistant Chinese restaurant owner{you eat cookie} and Hugh trying to talk like a mobster {fugeh aboud eed}.   Another one I have to add to my Hugh collection.  If you haven't seen these movies, go rent them now!!!

Cat Gifts
My cats are so sweet, they must have sensed that I was all alone and left a little present for me on my doorstep.  Fabulous hunters those two...  I stepped out and there it was in all its mousey glory.  Now, for those of you who don't know I was a biologist in my life before kids.  I've dissected many things in my life and even saw something very 'graffic' while working in lab, that I won't even mention here.  BUT, when I stepped out, fully determined to pick up the mouse, plastic covered dust pan in one hand, another bag covering my other hand, I FROZE!  My pregnant, squemish self could not even make myself bend down and pick it up!  Luckily my SIL passed by a bit later and got rid of it for me.  Merci Magaly!!