Just to tide you over...
Quick Update


Lots of stuff going on around here lately.  I know I haven't been around here much as I've been trying to get the Halloween costumes finished up.  So I've been spending less time on line.

We went to the annual fair in Luxembourg this weekend.  It was tons of fun, I love fair food, cotton candy, candied apples and honey roasted almonds are my favs.  Here, though, they have this fish tradition thing.  Think fish and chips, but its the whole freakin' fish, and its so good!!  the boys went on lots of rides and even won a spiderman!

La Maternité de la Grande Duchesse Charlotte
Doesn't that sound important?  Its the name of the hospital where I'll deliver.  I went today for my first appt there.  I met my doctor, who's really nice, easy going and not to strict.  I like their policies as well, completely willing to let me have my natural birth as long as nothing goes wrong.  The place was immaculately clean, which is such a change from the hospital here!!  Only problem, I have to go in every freakin' week until the baby comes.  Since its 25 mins away and they will monitor the baby each time, I'll be gone over 2 hours each time... anyone free on Tuesdays to babysit?

Jacques' operation
Tomorrow he goes in to the hospital (yes, the grotty one, poor kid) to get his tonsils and adnoids removed.  the op is on Thurs, so he goes in late tomorrow and stays until Friday morning.  Its not going to be fun for my little guy so please say a prayer for him if that's your thing, if not keep him in your thoughts.  I'll be there during the days with him and Matthieu the nights (its hard enough getting comfortable on my own bed these days, let alone a roll away cot), so if you don't hear from me that's where I am.  I'll try to post an update when I come home Thursday night.

I'll leave you with a 'smaller' photo of me...  I actually put this one over the one from yesterday and my belly is really the same size, its the sweater and pose I think that make the difference.  The photos were taken a day apart...33_weeks