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Goal Updates

I'm feeling a bit more lonely and less busy now that MMM is done and in the mail, but I'm doing well with my goals.  They are keeping me on my toes and keeping me from being lazy.

scrapbook and craft related:
finish MMM and mail DONE
post online the LOs that didn't make my MMM cut POSTING ONE A DAY read to me
figure out next goals for scrapbooking now that MMM is done BEEN THINKING ABOUT THESE AND I FEEL A BLOG ENTRY COMING ON...  STAY TUNED
sew Louise's Halloween costume ON TOMORROW'S TO-DO LIST
start Dean's ON TUESDAY'S LIST

house related stuff:
take everything else that's waiting to go the post Office and mail that too GOTTA GET CRACKING ON THIS
regular weekend chores 1 DOWN 2 TO GO
keep the house tidy and clean CHECK (SO MUCH EASIER WHEN THERE'S JUST ME!)

me related stuff: (I tend to get slack when it comes to my health when I'm not doing it for the boys as well)
eat healthy (ice cream and cereal is not a balanced meal) CHECK
go outside and get some fresh air and exercise CHECK
go to the pool Friday and Tuesday CHECK FOR FRIDAY
do hypnobirthing relaxation everyday  UMMM...  THOUGHT ABOUT DOING THEM


Its gone...

I feel strange,  such a rush of panic and stress in the last 18 hours or so then boom, my MMM entry is in the mail, its all over there's nothing I can do any more.

Let's see, in those 18 hours before I left the post office, so many things went wrong. Most importantly the colour copies SUCKED!!  They did no justice to my pages and on one page my cousin's poor little girl had an orange face!!  Not to mention the guy there was no help and a complete idiot.  So this is at about 6pm because finishing up the final touches of the LOs took way longer than I expected.  Everything closes at 7 at the latest.  I ran (not literally, because that's now physically impossible with 27 extra pounds, seemingly all in my stomach!) to my usual photo place, they can't do 11x17 in one hour, they don't have the paper, they sent me to another place to check if they could.  They COULD, but in the morning.   So I decided to go home take photos of the pages and put the scans on a disc and see which turned out better.  Somewhere along the way I bent my nail back, far!!!  Its still hurts and its bruised and everything, grr.   BTW Mom, I didn't rush around and I held on to all the handrails and shuffled along like a little old woman!

Last night I was up until 1:30 typing techniques and supply lists, filling out idea forms and photo releases.  Just as I thought I was ready to go to bed I realised the scan of one LO still had pencil marks!  So rescanned that, got everything together and went to bed. 

It was a crazy crazy day.  It had started off well, I slept in until 8, read until 8:30, went to the pool (it's boring by yourself when you don't have the energy to really swim).  Then it slowly got crazier and crazier.  Some good things... I did an absolutely perfect parallel parking job in front of the photo place, had supper at a friend's house, my boys called me! My new stockings are in ( no more holes in th toe!! LOL)

Last night, I slept like a log until 6:30, then I couldn't go back to sleep, even after doing some hypnobirthing breathing execises.  Finally got up just after 7 and started my day.  I watched a friend's little girl all morning and had to pick her up at 8:50, then I was off the photo place at 9.  At 10, the photos were developed and he ran off a small copy of the scans so we could choose the best.  I chose the scans and he did them up in about 20 mins!!  Ok, so I ended up paying an arm and a leg, and another leg for good measure for all this...  but, I think it was all worth it, even with eraser dust on some of the scans.

Next, off to the post office, it took over 30 minutes to trim the scans and stick all the stuff on the back and pack it up.  Remeber I'd a four year old girl with me the whole time, she was an angel (I did bring a colouring book and crayons) and we went to two parks and had a ride on the helicopter in front of the toy store as a reward.  The line at the post office of course was enormous, another 15-20mins but the box finally left my hands and is now some where between here and Paris, I'm sure!!

How did I reward myself with a job well done (or 'done' at least?)  Cereal and Ice Cream for lunch of course!!!  don't worry Mom, I had toast, juice, yogurt and a peach too!  Not too balanced but not junk either.  Now I'm off to take a well needed nap!!!  Then I'm gonna order me up some fun scrap stuff from my friend's website.

things that make you go hMMM?

Will it matter that there were spots and eraser dust on the scanner bed that showed up on the scans?

Will it help that the baby kicked the box when I rubbed it on my tummy for luck?  That I kissed the box?

What about the fact that my entry will probably the last to arrive all the way from France, not to mention with a backward-French-way of post marking?

Did I mix up the techniques sheets on two LOs?  I'm only 85% sure they got on the right LOs.

Probably not... but still all these things were on my mind 30 mins after I kissed that box good-bye.

We'll see come Sept 23.  I may even have the Little one by then.


That's it they're gone...  Matthieu and Anthony just left for Spain to go pick up Jacques. Anthony was one big ball of excitement!!  They will stay the long weekend and be back Tuesday night.   Guess what!  I didn't cry, I'm getting better at this, but I'm really going to have to keep myself busy this weekend, to keep my mind off my 3 boys (mes 3 Hussards!).  I've quite the to-do list, first off finish off my MMM entry.  All my pages are done, but not stuck down permenently, so I just have to do that add some journaling and a mini book for one page.  Then its the yucky stuff like copies, supply lists, etc, so that will keep me busy until Saturday morning when it has to go in the mail.  I have a list of goals for the rest of the weekend, I think I'll list them here.  It'll keep me more on my toes if I have to be accountable to all of you.


scrapbook and craft related:
finish MMM and mail
post online the LOs that didn't make my MMM cut
figure out next goals for scrapbooking now that MMM is done
scrap a LO a day (starting Saturday)
start birth announcements
sew Louise's Halloween costume
start Dean's

house related stuff:
take everything else that's waiting to go the post Office and mail that too
regular weekend chores
catch up on ironing and laundry
keep the house tidy and clean

me related stuff: (I tend to get slack when it comes to my health when I'm not doing it for the boys as well)
eat healthy (ice cream and cereal is not a balanced meal)
go outside and get some fresh air and exercise
go to the pool Friday and Tuesday
take a nap everyday
do hypnobirthing relaxation everyday

Phew that's quite a list, but I do have almost 6 full days!!  Let's see how much I can get done...  I'll let you know.

8 weeks!!

ack!!  8 weeks, what happened to 9 months?  There are so many things that I wanted to do before this baby comes.  And 8 weeks is only if I make it to my due date, LOL!!  So with Jacques away Anthony and I have been on a mission, getting those projects rolling so that as many as possible can be completed before the little one gets here.  Yesterday we ordered new curtains and matching material to cover the chairs in the living room.  We bought all the material and notions for the Halloween costumes, the first I'm going to start this weekend.  Matthieu still has to get painting the doors.  Its the only thing he can paint with me pregnant, because he can take them outside.  Just as long as he doesn't take both bathroom ones at the same time, haha. 

I've been chatting with my friend Sandy to get some paper from her store to make the baby announcements, I bought material and I still need to find blank cards and order some teeny feet charms.  Also on the scrapbooking scene, MMM is coming up soon.  12 days and counting before its due to be mailed.  I hope to have all the LOs done and copied before Jacques comes back, just because its hard enough going to the copy place with one kid, LOL.  My fabulous mentor is a great help and I've had lots of motivation so I'm hoping to getting it done before Jacques gets back.

Anthony is having his milk and watching Raffi so I think I'll go work on my MMM entry!!

aneeda pee Mama!

Who is this child and who trained him behind my back??! 

The day after Jacques left, we started potty training Anthony.  We didn't do too much as we were at the pool, ran errands and went out to supper.  Albeit, he did go in the potty once and had one accident.    Today is day 6, not even, really, as we shoudn't count the weekend.  We were rarely here and didn't work too much on it at all again until last evening.  We got home from running errands around 7 and I let him run around with out a diaper for about 45 mins.  Nothing, then we went out to supper.  Before the food came, he said 'aneeda pee' so off we went, first experience with a public toilet, he was scared to fall in!!  He did pee a teeny bit, I figured he'd finish in his pull up, because he did that twice on Friday, but after he finished eating he said he needed to go.  Matthieu took him this time, stood him on the rim and he went standing...  This morning dry diaper, WHAT????  Its now almost 2pm and he has only gone in the potty today, including twice at the pool!!!! 

Of course the fact that I just typed all this has just jinxed everything and we'll be back to square one, lol!!!

PS I have the birthday photos, and will try and scan them today.  I never realised how tiring it is to be pregnant and take a two year old to the pool!!!  And he's super well behaved!