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Phil's Story

Hi there

Just thought that I'd give a run down on what happened on Saturday. 

I did wake up around 5am with irregular contrax, but went back to sleep.  When we got up at 7:30 they were still there, but nothing to write home about.  A bit crampy, but they weren't at all painful  I took the boys downtown to run some errands and we watched some military bands.  I figured if this was the real thing, a good long walk would do the trick.

Since Matthieu was away for the day in Saarbruck (200km from the hospital) my MIL picked us up and took us to lunch, I decided to take along my camera bag and labour bag, just in case.  In the car on the way there, I noticed that the contractions (which had never stopped all morning) were now exactly 10 minutes apart, still not even uncomfortable.  I timed them through lunch and towards the end they went right to 5 mins and then by the time we finished our coffee, I had 3 at 3 minutes apart.  By chance, the restaurant we chose was about 5 minutes from the hospital, so away we went.  We got there at about 3pm.

The mid-wife on duty was fabulous, she hooked me up to the monitor and my contractions had slowed, she said that was normal when women first arrive in L&D.  She checked me and I was about 4-5cm.  She sent me off to walk around.  In the meantime MIL had called Matthieu to boot 'er back here!!  I walked around and played with the boys for about an hour, then went back.  The contractions had come back full force, but I was completely able to relax through them.  LOVE hypnobirthing!! 

At 4:15pm I was at 7 cm.  And I hung around my L&D room, read my Oct CK and wrote in the little one's journal.  At 5:15 pm, I was starting to have trouble relaxing on my own.  I was starting to need Matthieu's help with some hypnobirthing prompts.  He was no where in sight.  At 5:30 the mid-wife came in and I told her I couldn't do this anymore with out him, so she went to call him.  He was 5 minutes away.  She checked and I was completely dialated.

Matthieu sauntered in at 5:35pm and just like in a movie or something, I grabbed him by the front of his shirt and in the most tense, stressed voice you can imagine I cursed at him, then said, 'help me relax through this!!!!' LOL He went to wash his hands, the mid-wife broke my water and I pushed.  It was more difficult to push than with Anthony, but Matthieu said I really pushed hard.  Iguess because I wasn't as relaxed as I had been with Anthony.  3 pushes and he was out, 5:41pm.  Such a sweet boy!!!

Here are some more photos, plus I added a few to his album as well.  The rest will be ready on MonChubbersday. Swirl 24_hours Hand

Just to tide you over...

I added a photo album of some photos of Philippe that my MIL took.  Enjoy!

'K, I'm really going to take a nap now!!!

We're home!


Just a quick  note to let you know we got home.  I'll take some film in at the one hour place and get them up ASAP... 

Off to take a nap though right now!!


Cara and her little men

Philippe on screen

Download IMG_0121.JPG Download IMG_0122.JPG Download IMG_0123.JPG

I'll post far more pics tomorrow when I get back to the digital camera.

Philippe is born

I am Matthieu VINCENS, Cara's husband.

Just a few words to announce you the birth of Philippe, the 24thof september in Luxembourg City.

He and his mother are doing really well.

He weighs 9 pds and is 54 cm long.

Cara will get back to you in a few days.

Have a great day.

what I'll miss about being pregnant

Eating out (hard enough with 2 kids)
kicks and swuirls
the Pregnant pubster thread at Peas
my body pillow
the boys saying 'I luf your baby, Mommy' and 'I uf you beebee, Mommee' while kissing my belly
endless ice cream
being the centre of attention
having an excuse to be lazy
all the chocolate I want without the guilt
having a serious deadline to get things done
the anticipation
did I mention the eating?

What I definitely won't miss...
all these people's shocked faces when they see me everyday...
daily comments of disbelief from same people
bathroom breaks every 5 minutes
being uncomfortable in bed
this enormous belly that just gets in the way at this point
the waiting
having no lap to hold the boys
being cranky
having no clothes that fit me anymore
getting tired from walking to the bathroom for the fifth time in an hour

forgot this..


A different countdown...

so the new Harry Potter film comes out in 56 days.  That gives me  just under two months to get this baby to take a bottle!!  LOL!!  that is if its even born by then LOL!!

I just reread the Goblet of Fire.  I figured I'd better do it now, before I get too busy.  I wanted the story fresh in my mind, but not too fresh, because for Azkaban I finished rereading it RIGHT before I saw the movie and I was too concerned about all the changes to enjoy it.  Though, even now I still feel there were too many changes!

The trailer has just come out recently and Helen sent me in the right direction.  It looks fabulous!  GoF is not my favourite of the 6 books, but this movie looks like its going to be a great one, tonnes of special effects.  I'm glad I got to see the trailer as I can say now what I don't like and then when the movie comes out, I can just enjoy...

trailer link about half way down the page... enjoy

*Ron and Harry both need haircuts!  Hermione needs to have hers bushed up a bit more!
*In my head Mad-eye does not have a thingy holding his magical eye in place, he's also a bit more deformed, but I doubt that's possible with movies...
*Crouch is perfect!!  wanna see Ludo!!
*Madame Maxime needs to be stockier
*the French school in not all girls and the other one is not all boys in the book!!!
*Dumbledore needs to loose the elastic!
*pulling his thoughts for the Pensieve is fabulous!
*the costumes are AMAZING!!  and you know I'm all about the costumes!!
*Krum needs to be a bit more round shouldered
*Mike Newell hasn't even read the Half-Blood Prince!!   But at least he's British!!
*Ron's dress robes are perfect, though no one is really wearing 'robes'.

Ok, hopefully that's all the complaining I'll need to do and the movie will be fabulous!!

It's a ... false alarm

I'm a bit slow on posting this, but I've been playing catch up the last couple of days.  Pulled an all nighter Sun/Mon after getting woken up at 1am by contrax.  You'd think if there were strong enough to wake me up and not let me go back to sleep, it'd be the real thing!  Naw, this baby is such a tease!! 

It was so disappointing to have to be sent home from the hospital...  plus, it was 7:30am when we got back, jsut in time to start our day, completely exhausted.  Oh well, the baby can't stay in there forever... can it?

10 days... some sarcastic come backs!!

You must be due soon...
*No, actually, I'm not due until January!
*Due?  What do you mean?  I'm not pregnant.
*Going on 5 weeks overdue now.
*This? Oh no, I just ate a watermelon.

Are you sure there's only one in there?
*There isn't even one, it's all pennies.
*Actually, there are 7.
*There's just one baby, but two giraffes in there.

You still here?
*I had the baby, this is leftover pregnancy fat.
*Yeah, I decided not to have the baby after all.

That baby still didn't come?
*Yup, home with Daddy.  I missed the belly so I'm using a basket ball.
*No, it sent me a letter telling me its not coming out until my Halloween costumes are finished.