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Completely, absolutely finished!!!  and boy, does it feel good!!!  I just finished up the last of my Halloween sewing.  Except for Anthony's I had all the costumes done before the baby arrived.  There were also a few little things, like Mathilde's headband and fixing Jaques' Buzz pants from last year.  Well, all three godkids received their costumes in the mail yesterday, and I ended up having to completely remake Jacques' pants yesterday.  Everything got done little by little (thanks flylady) and this afternoon, the boys and I are having a little costume party.

They don't really 'do' Halloween here and since we are going away for the long weekend (wish me luck!!), today is Halloween in the Vincens household.  We carved a pumpkin this morning and once they wake up from their naps its dress up time.  We'll just visit Magaly upstairs and go see Daddy, Papy and Eric at the office.  Since they've never experienced trick or treating, they don't know what they're missing.  one year I'll take them home for it!

be on the look out for pix later next week.

Its for the birds...

We're all a bunch of sickies here... actually the big boys are no longer 'here'.  Anthony has bronchitis and an ear infection, then Friday night he came down with a tummy bug.  It cleared up really quickly, a 24 hour thing, but then last night Jacques started vomiting...  poor boys!  I've got it now, but not the puking thank goodness, I hate throwing up!!  I haven't eaten a thing in almost 24 hours, just barely keeping enough water down to keep Philippe in milk.  Kokomis took pity on me and took the boys until Wednesday.   Poor Jacques is still not himself, totally did not want to go.  He just wanted to snuggle with me and watch cartoons, but I was useless...  after they left, I slept all day!!  waking only to feed the baby.  I got more sleep today that I did in the average night I think!!!  Even Philippe is a bit stuffy, finding it hard to breathe and nurse, but he's better today.  I tried to get some paper masks so that we weouldn't all breathe on him, but there aren't any left anywhere!!  People bought them all up because of the bird flu!  Oh, and to top off everything else, the girl that was supposed to help me out during fall break, decided at the last minute that she couldn't stay, sigh...


Hi there

Just a quick note to let you all know what's going on here.   The boys had fun at the dragon exhibit and I had well needed day of rest.  I even got a few things done around here!!  Plus, Philippe is only waking up once a night now, so I feel sooooo much better!  Its only been 3 nights so here's hoping it lasts.

Yesterday wasn't too fun, Jacques and Anthony fought too much, I was tired and on top of everything we had an appt at the peds for Philippe, who cried the entire time since he was hungry.  I brought Anthony along as he's been coughing and doens't seem to hear properly.  He has an ear infection in one ear, a wax built up in the other and bronchitis.  You'd never know he was sick as he's full of energy and piss and vinegar too, LOL!!

Today is the last day of school before fall break.  Jacques should be home any minute (Papy picked him up), he's off until the third and we have a girl coming to stay all next week.  Actually she is one of the 3 girls that I au paired for when I first came to France.  Her parents are taking her up here tomorrow.  Can't wait to see them all again.

Jacques came in with a mask, a 'jacques-o-lantern'!!  Pardon the pun, I know I do it every year!!  LOL!!!

Photos to keep the Canadian grandparents happy!!J_p

Philippe_awake Tones_peeks_in_on_p


Po-tay-to, Po-tat-to

About 2 weeks ago, the boys and I went to a dinosaur exhibit.  Tomorrow they are going with MIL to a dragon one...  They have been getting the two confused a bit.  Which reminds me of a Friends episode where Pheobe comments on Ross's work with dragons.  Her response when someone tells her its dinosuars???  Po-tay-to, po-tat-to!! 

Just Philippe and me all day tomorrow.  I've got big plans to clean, reduce my mountain of ironning, go to the post office, SLEEP!, clean, sew, make cards, etc, etc!!  I know I'll get little to nothing done, though, Murphy's law, you know...

More with the foot thing...

A few more tootsie photos...

My_hand_and_feet Feet_bw_1


This is what this child looked like for the first 2 weeks of his life...

Pouty_sleep Sleep_back_bw

Sleep_full_body_shot Sleep_tummy

Finally, he's starting to be awake more and socialise a bit with us!


The rest of us are doing well...  Matthieu works too much as usual... as for me, I wore non maternity pants for the first time yesterday, granted, they are 2 size bigger than I usually take, but its going to be a while before this belly goes away.  I refuse to go anywhere without the baby, otherwise it just looks like I have a beer gut, ewwww!! 

Jacques has been acting out a bit, but I know its all just a cry for attention, negative or positive.  I've been really trying ot find time for him, playing games and such, even just talking and praising him as much as I can.  I've seen an improvement in just the last couple of days and it really has improved ours days...Oct_05

Anthony is sick again with another cough.  He just can't seem to shake it.  Poor guy, loves giving Philippe kisses, but we really don't want him too close so we are always on the defensive, blocking his caresses and preventing him from kissing him.  As soon as he's better I'll let him give him a million smacks!!  This photo is him waking up! Waking_up_25_yo

for Joy...

My shirt isn't on here, but you get the idea!

Soother day

We gave Philippe a soother for the first time tonight, Matthieu was really hesitant but the little guy LOVED it!  He's asleep with it right now.  Kinda hoping it won't be a habit, but I doubt it.

More pix from the hospital, I've got a bit of a baby tootsie fetish!!

Footsies Feet_fade_back Bassinette

Already a STAR

He wasn't even 3 days old and he was on TV.  A mid-wife came to me and asked if I'd like to talk about my experiences with breastfeeding, that RTL {Lux television} was doing a special on it.  So they came I was proud of what I said and that I wasn't too nervous {only one little mistake with my French}  Well, it was really nice and well done, I must say.  The camera guy got me in good light and I even think that I looked good and I never think I look good especially 3 days after giving birth.  The images just looked so sweet and tender, and it totally went with what I was saying... though I didn't understand a thing anyone else was saying as the rest was in Luxembourgois! I'm so glad I did it, even if I do look like an idiot in my T-shirt from COWS!!!

New pix coming soon, here are some from the hospital...

Onsie Bracelet


Just to let you all know that I'm not on the computer as much, but I'm trying to keep up with emails and MB's...  just having less time to respond.  Philippe is getting better at latching on and is starting to need less of a calm environment to feed in.  So I'm hoping to be able to get online once in a while, while nursing pretty soon.

My goal is to update my blog everyday, just to keep you in photos if nothing else.  That said, my scanner is doing funky things and I'm getting tired, so sorry for the lack of pictures today.  Not to mention that I really have nothing new.  I'll have to get cracking and take some tomorrow...


why would I ever be dissappointed???

Why do people ask me if I'm dissappointed?  Why do they say I'm not lucky?  Look at this face!! Sweetness  How can I feel anything but elation and immense LOVE!!Adore_you  Love_you  Do I look like I'm dissappointed, do I look like I feel unlucky??  I realised something as I watched my friend's daughter twirl around in this gorgeous patchwork dress...  I don't want a girl, I want a doll!!  Someone just to dress up in those fabulous clothes I keep seeing on the girls' side of the stores!  LOL!!

10 reasons why boys ROCK:

1. They can get dirty and no one care
2. Buzz and Woody pull-ups are cooler than those sissy princesses
3. When I get an erge to go shopping ofr girly things, I'm the one that gets to wear them
4. Boys love their momma
5. the Rescue Heros are cool despite those abnormally huge feet they have
6. less teenage hormone moddiness
7. sports and fast cars
8. I'm the boss since I'm the only girl
9. Did I mention boys love their momma?
10. What about the dirt, did I mention that?

Boxer Sweet_swirl