Its for the birds...
sunshine and poop parking lots


Completely, absolutely finished!!!  and boy, does it feel good!!!  I just finished up the last of my Halloween sewing.  Except for Anthony's I had all the costumes done before the baby arrived.  There were also a few little things, like Mathilde's headband and fixing Jaques' Buzz pants from last year.  Well, all three godkids received their costumes in the mail yesterday, and I ended up having to completely remake Jacques' pants yesterday.  Everything got done little by little (thanks flylady) and this afternoon, the boys and I are having a little costume party.

They don't really 'do' Halloween here and since we are going away for the long weekend (wish me luck!!), today is Halloween in the Vincens household.  We carved a pumpkin this morning and once they wake up from their naps its dress up time.  We'll just visit Magaly upstairs and go see Daddy, Papy and Eric at the office.  Since they've never experienced trick or treating, they don't know what they're missing.  one year I'll take them home for it!

be on the look out for pix later next week.