Full term
why would I ever be dissappointed???

I wonder if I'm growing

I wonder if I'm growing, I wonder if I'm growing
mom says, yes I'm growing, but its hard for me to see.

Mom says 'wash your hands, now, then you can go and play'
Hey, I can can reach the tap now, for the very first time today.

Yes, Ithink I must be growing, I know I must be growing
mom says yes, I'm growing and now I know its true!

Matthieu's favourite Raffi song...

This baby has totally made a big boy out of Anthony, I can't believe how much he's grown in 11 days.  Today, for the first time he peed standing up with out the stool.  He walked beside the stroller when we went to the dinosaur exhibit.  He even picks up his toys without being told.  He wants to do everything himself... its funny, if I do it for him, he'll say 'Tony do eet' or 'My cline {climb} up' and then he'll undo what ever I've done and redo it himself. He'll pull his pants down and right back up again, or he'll step down off the stool with one foot and hop right back up.

He talks better, he eats better, he plays quieter, he's just grown in leaps and bounds...  He can say Philippe as 'fee-leap' just as well as 'fill-up'.  Today, I was feeding the baby and he had to go to the bathroom, he 'clined up,' went, wiped his own bum {Jacques won't even do that every time!!} and washed his hands ALL BY HIMSELF.  Granted there was soap all over the counter, lol!!

That's not to say that he's been an angel, but I honestly can't complain about his behaviour.  Woolly and Baba {security items} are never far from hand, and when I see him with them that's when I give him extra snuggles and try to find time for a puzzle or a book.  He turns to these lovies a bit more often than pre-Philippe, but that's ok, he needs them. 

Love you my big middle guy!Tony_and_phil