for Joy...
Po-tay-to, Po-tat-to

More with the foot thing...

A few more tootsie photos...

My_hand_and_feet Feet_bw_1


This is what this child looked like for the first 2 weeks of his life...

Pouty_sleep Sleep_back_bw

Sleep_full_body_shot Sleep_tummy

Finally, he's starting to be awake more and socialise a bit with us!


The rest of us are doing well...  Matthieu works too much as usual... as for me, I wore non maternity pants for the first time yesterday, granted, they are 2 size bigger than I usually take, but its going to be a while before this belly goes away.  I refuse to go anywhere without the baby, otherwise it just looks like I have a beer gut, ewwww!! 

Jacques has been acting out a bit, but I know its all just a cry for attention, negative or positive.  I've been really trying ot find time for him, playing games and such, even just talking and praising him as much as I can.  I've seen an improvement in just the last couple of days and it really has improved ours days...Oct_05

Anthony is sick again with another cough.  He just can't seem to shake it.  Poor guy, loves giving Philippe kisses, but we really don't want him too close so we are always on the defensive, blocking his caresses and preventing him from kissing him.  As soon as he's better I'll let him give him a million smacks!!  This photo is him waking up! Waking_up_25_yo