Po-tay-to, Po-tat-to
Its for the birds...


Hi there

Just a quick note to let you all know what's going on here.   The boys had fun at the dragon exhibit and I had well needed day of rest.  I even got a few things done around here!!  Plus, Philippe is only waking up once a night now, so I feel sooooo much better!  Its only been 3 nights so here's hoping it lasts.

Yesterday wasn't too fun, Jacques and Anthony fought too much, I was tired and on top of everything we had an appt at the peds for Philippe, who cried the entire time since he was hungry.  I brought Anthony along as he's been coughing and doens't seem to hear properly.  He has an ear infection in one ear, a wax built up in the other and bronchitis.  You'd never know he was sick as he's full of energy and piss and vinegar too, LOL!!

Today is the last day of school before fall break.  Jacques should be home any minute (Papy picked him up), he's off until the third and we have a girl coming to stay all next week.  Actually she is one of the 3 girls that I au paired for when I first came to France.  Her parents are taking her up here tomorrow.  Can't wait to see them all again.

Jacques came in with a mask, a 'jacques-o-lantern'!!  Pardon the pun, I know I do it every year!!  LOL!!!

Photos to keep the Canadian grandparents happy!!J_p

Philippe_awake Tones_peeks_in_on_p