I wonder if I'm growing

why would I ever be dissappointed???

Why do people ask me if I'm dissappointed?  Why do they say I'm not lucky?  Look at this face!! Sweetness  How can I feel anything but elation and immense LOVE!!Adore_you  Love_you  Do I look like I'm dissappointed, do I look like I feel unlucky??  I realised something as I watched my friend's daughter twirl around in this gorgeous patchwork dress...  I don't want a girl, I want a doll!!  Someone just to dress up in those fabulous clothes I keep seeing on the girls' side of the stores!  LOL!!

10 reasons why boys ROCK:

1. They can get dirty and no one care
2. Buzz and Woody pull-ups are cooler than those sissy princesses
3. When I get an erge to go shopping ofr girly things, I'm the one that gets to wear them
4. Boys love their momma
5. the Rescue Heros are cool despite those abnormally huge feet they have
6. less teenage hormone moddiness
7. sports and fast cars
8. I'm the boss since I'm the only girl
9. Did I mention boys love their momma?
10. What about the dirt, did I mention that?

Boxer Sweet_swirl