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So there's this association here that sends ladies to help people in their homes.  They help out with housework, babysitting, errands, meals etc.  I've got Marie-Laure who's cme twice now and helped with housework, she's fabulous.  My house hasn't looked this good since before the baby, and I'm sure not since I left the second trimester!!  I hate telling my boys that I can't play with them because I have to clean.  I also hate cleaning but that's common knewledge!!  Actually, the best part of it is that she motivates me.  I'm not one to sit aroud and watch someone else do my work.  The baby slept both times she was here so I took advantage and tidied and cleaned myself!!   I've been using my flylady stuff to keep it like this!!

quick update

Just one of those weeks with not much going on!!  Anthony is gone for the week with my BIL and SIL and their two kids.  MISS HIM!!!  He's having fun, not too lonely, so that makes it easier knowing he's not crying for us.

Christmas lights are being lit today.  Really fabulous in Thionville, they go all out.  Manufacturers actually display their newest lights here so we always have they latest and greatest.  Town reps come from all over the country, an Europe to buy lights for their town.

Jacques is planting  trees with his preschool today.  he's really starting to miss his brother.  He won't admit it but almost cried last night when he thought dad  was going to hang up the phone before he got a chance to talk to Tony.

Philippe is 2 months today!  For the moment his hair is still gingery and his eyes are blue.  Lots of Irish in this one.  anthony got the temper, though.

Faites Attention

So the big news around here besides the arrival of little Lucile, Kokomis and Papy had their car stolen from the hospital parking lot while they were there to visit her!!  Its only 5 years old, a nice car, but the robbers are going to be dissappointed when they see all the klicks on it!!  I don't know how many trip that thing made to Spain and back in the last 5 years, but there's over 250 000 km on it!!

Then I started thinking this morning, if someone stole my car right now, not only would I lose the car, but 3 car seats, the big HONKIN' stroller base, the umbrella stroller, various toys and boy stuff.  All that adds up to close to 1000€ I'm sure.  Three bags of Christmas gifts from yesterday's shopping in the trunk as well.   And yes all that fits in my 306, Peugeots are not as small as they look!!  But, the worst would be the 2 handmade baby blankets that I had in there.  One quilt made completely by hand by my sister who has no sewing machine, and another blanket crocheted by my aunt Mary Ellen.  Took those right upstairs today!!  The baby can look all cute wrapped up in them, in the HOUSE!! 

Lock your cars guys!

A new cousin, a full moon and dinosaur bones

a new cousin

Lucile Vincens was born in Compiegne yesterday at 1:30 am.  She weighed 4.2 kg (about 9lbs 4) and has a head full of hair like her sisters.  She makes 10 grandkids, 5 boys and 5 girls.  The fifth child in Franck and Claire's family and the 4th girl.  can't wait to go see her!!  Talking to Claire last evening and she sounds in great shape!  Franck was sleeping and apparently missed the birth by less than 30 secs, but he cut the cord!

a full moon

OMG, the boys (the big ones) were sooooo crazy last night.  I don't care what anyone says, with my boys the moon plays  BIG role in their behaviour.  Just ask Helen... who I think may want to change her mind about kids after her visit yesterday, but its too late H!!!!  Naw, you know kids are great, most of the time.  By 6pm I had them in pj's in their beds reading so I could feel P in peace (visiting with poor H in peace was out the window by this point) and get supper made.  Today they are back to their normal selves.

dinosaur bones

I'll leave you with this drawing that Jacques made.  We sat down to make pictures for the new brother and sisters in Compiegne and I fell in love with this one...

Dinosaur_skeleton Notice he gave himself a smiley face for his good work, LOL!!

A conversation with Jacques

Daddy:  Jacques, do you know what Daddy does at work?

Jacques:  He works just beside us.

Daddy:  Yes, but what do I do over there?

Jacques:  make money!

Daddy: (after he catches his from laughing):  Yes, but what do I do to earn the money?

Jacques:  load the trucks and drive the forklift!

Obviously, trucks and forklifts are a lot more exciting to a 4 year than taking orders, organising the deliveries and all the other 'boss' duties Daddy has!!

The World According to Tony

Just a couple of cute stories from my middle guy.

A few days ago, before Philippe started sleeping all night I was a bit tired as I hadn't had a nap in almost a week and it was starting to catch up with me...  We were on our way home after being down town and I had all the boys in the car and got in the driver's seat when from the back seat I hear...

Mommy, you fugget the straw-lur!!  Mommy, the straw-lur, you frweak!!

Sure enough, there was the stroller sitting on the sidewalk.  Not like I would have gotten far as the car keys were in the stroller!!  PS, he gets the freak thing from his Dad!!

He's been calming down, not quite so agressive.  He's getting used to being a big brother and having Mommy take care of Philippe.  On the way to playschool Thursday I asked if he was ready to go to playschool and he said...

No bite, no push, no heet...

And he didn't!!  They said he was really good with the other kids and he didn't even ask for his bottle.  Progress!!

Last one.  Matthieu has been away in Paris this weekend and Anthony has been missing him the most.  Last night when I was brushing his teeth, usually Daddy's job, he asked where Daddy was.  Since it wasn't the first time that day that he asked, he knew the answer and this is the little conversation he had with himself...

Where Daddy at?  (gee, wonder where he got that grammar 'from'!!!!)
Daddy in Par-wees. 
Daddy work too much. 

That money comment was because its the answer I give after they ask 'why' a hundred times when I say Daddy's at work.  He has to work to make money so they can have food, clothes, toys  and other important and fun stuff.  Being Matthieu's son, he just heard the money part!!!

Harry Potter here I come!!!!

Holy gillyweed batman!!!  Philippe took a bottle, on the first try!!  What an amazing change after Anthony who took 6 months, 17 different nipples, sippies, a million headaches etc to finally take a bottle.  Now, funny enough, he won't let it go!  Its his comfort in this big world.

Helen and I are so freakin' excited about Goblet of Fire and it was a bit of a running joke at the end of my pregnancy that I only had about 2 months to get the baby to take a bottle so I could go with her.

To tell you the truth I was a bit scared to try...  after the adventure with Anthony I wasn't looking forward to going through that again.  So yesterday, with Harry less than 2 weeks away, I figured I better give a try.  After an evening nap he woke up for his bath.  Usually, its bath first then he eats before going to bed for the night (yes, the night!!!  7-8 hours!!  yippee!!), but last night he was acting as if he hadn't eaten about 4 days, climbing up my shoulder and clawing at me, so I heated up the breastmilk and he GOBBLED it up, wow!!!    So Harry, we'll see ya in a couple of weeks!!


Just found out that the Ali Edwards workshop that I was planning on going to in the Netherlands in Feb is completely booked up.  I'm on the waiting list, but since they were full after one day of registration and that was 6 weeks ago, things don't look good.  boo hooo

new pix


Finally I've got some Halloween/fall pix for you.  Sunday I spend a good bit of time scanning, but got interupted by a hungry baby before I got them all saved.  Then the computer got stuck so we had to restart it and so today I rescanned!!  Here are a few favs and the rest can be found in the Oct/Nov album here!Halloween_05

Big_feet Harry_halloween Jacques_leaves Choo_choo_boatteau

Scary Stuff

Here are mCanardQuacky guys.  Nap time wasn't long enough to get everything scanned, more to come...

Check out the feet!!!Hungry_hippo


Hungry Hippo


To_infinity_1 to Infinity and beyond!!