Scary Stuff

sunshine and poop parking lots

Just a quick update.  I picked up the Halloween pix today so be on the look out for my 3 cuties. I didn't ge them scanned yet, because I have a baby going through a growth spurt, I searched for airline tickets (such a tough job, Halifax is so hard to get to direct), I made my fruitcake and I went Christmas shopping online.  Scanning is a priority for tomorrow!!  I've also got photos of my nephew in the penguin costume I made but for some reason I can't seem to get them posted, grrrr!!

Our little vacation was great, the sea was so calming.  Even though there were tonnes of people, everyone was relaxed and so it was a good break for us.  Plus, Belgian TV is cool because lots of things are  in English and just have Dutch subtitles!!  The boys didn't seem to mind watching cartoons in dutch however...

The reason for the strange title??  Today on the way to school Jacques asked me not to go to the poop parking lot.  The wheelchair/stroller ramp is always an obstacle course of dog doo!  And we've been having unseasonably warm days lately, I remember going trick-or-treating with a snowsuit under my costume and here we are barely needing to wear sweaters.  Ok, so I'm not in Canada, but still this part of France is usually so cold and dreary at this time of year.  tomorrow is suppose to cool off...