Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
just another manic monday

colds, unpacked suitcases and growth spurts

that title seems to sum up everything since the new year started.  Anthony and I have bad colds, but both of us are now on the mend.  Jacques started coughing this morning so it looks like it might be his turn. 

Not only have I not felt up to or had the time to completely unpack (we've been home since the 29th), the suitcases seem to be multiplying somehow!!!  Most of my spare time is used up putting playmobile pirate ships, fire trucks and other cool things things together, cleaning and unpacking.  I came home to about 100 emails and I'm slowing going through those as well, only about 45 to go...  There's also a few DT things that I have yet to get in for December.  It's all finished just gotta find the time to scan...

The baby seemed to be going through a growth spurt these last few days, eating up to 8 times a day.   So we've been spending lots of time together on the couch reading Mary Higgins Clark and scrap mags.

Here's hoping, this weekend, things will be calm, I won't be sick anymore and I'll have the time and energy to get it all done.  If I do I promise Christmas photos next week.