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Fabulous Sleep

It's wonders what a little sleep can do.  Philippe is still sick but he slept really well the last few nights compared to the weekend.  He basically slept 11 hours last nigh, awake a couple of times for his soother, though.  Over the weekend he was eating up to 8 times a day (and night), thirsty.  He's feeling better and I'm feeling better and very productive! 

Yesterday afternoon while Jacques was at preschool I:
unpacked a suitcase (yeah, still working on those, lol)
tidied our room
cleaned the kitchen
picked up the living room
lurked around on some blogs

All that in 2.5 hours and I fed the baby in there somewhere.  I also started to paint our doors.  I realised after 4 years that Matthieu isn't going to do it!!  MIL said a few weeks ago that FIL never put one nail in their house, so I thought 'why am I waiting for Matthieu to help?'  LOL!!  It'll be a slow process as I have a pregnant friend who visits about once a week and we don't want her breathing in paint fumes.  But, I figure I waited 4 years, I can do this slowly!!  Today, I even started to reorganise my photo storage!!  Geez you'd think I was nesting or something.  Must be the new year...  that reminds me I need to write down my goals!