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Have you seen this woman??

Originally, I wanted to post a photo that J took, but I don't like putting things on the internet without permission...

Here's the story:

We were on the plane from Paris to Toronto and I talked a bit with the woman behind me and across the aisle.  Later, I had stuck my scrap mags in my 'seat pocket in front of me' and she noticed and with a surprised voice asked 'Do you scrapbook?'  this led to lots of chats through out the 8 hour flight.  She's Canadian, lives in France, has 3 kids 2 years between each (though a bit older than mine) and scrapbooks!!  JUST like me!!  She lives in Paris, which is 3 hours from us, but that really isn't too far, and she mentioned lots of great scrap/craft stores there.  We exchanged emails, peanames, blogs (I think/hope).  Have you guessed what happened?  By the time I got to my parent's house the slip of paper with her name and info wasn't in my pocket anymore!  All I know is that her name is Lisa!  I've thought of her since we've been back, hoping that she'd contact me, but knowing my luck she's lost my info too!  I had given the boys disposable cameras to keep them busy on the plane.  We finished up the last of the photos the other day and we got the photos back yesterday.  There was a photo of her and a couple of her kids too, the photos spurred this blog entry.  I tried 2peas, but do you know how many Lisas there are on there????  ... crap!

Lisa if you are out there email me (doing the geeky baby finger thumb 'call me' sign!!  LOL)