It's about freakin' time!!
Not fine after all...

One of those days...

Nothing too terrible exciting to add today.  Just a regular day. 

This morning Jacques looked a bit sick, water eyes and red bags down to his chin, so I kept him home from preschool.  No need infecting all the other kiddos and I think if his little immune systems are trying to fight off one bug he's are more suseptable to other nasty germs.  No need for more colds in this house.  I'm actually starting to feel better!  I can smell again, though only slightly... oh and by the way Jacques is completely fine now!

We headed downtown before lunch to get some fruits and veggies, meat and cheese etc...  the boys love this because the butcher gives them a slice of bologna, the cheese man, some conté and the fruit girl gives them clementines!   Once we got home I only took upstairs what I needed to make lunch as I was carrying Phil and holding Tony by the hand.  I left the rest by the car as Matthieu was coming home for lunch about 15 minutes behind us and it's cold out.  Well, the cat tried to swipe the cheese!!  FIL saw her and chased her off, but she got through the bag and there were nibble marks on our Conté, the good stuff no less.

The housekeeper was here after lunch and I had spent a good part of the morning tidying up for her...  isn't that the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard???  I'm just really anal about where things get put away (that is when they are actually put away, lol) and this way, she doesn't have to pick up the rooms just vacuum etc and that leaves her time to iron, yeah baby!!!  She RAWKs at ironing and I hate it so its a good combo. 

So with a clean house and no need to pick up Jacques and left over soup all ready for supper, I got all domestic-goddessy and made a yummy apple pie (thanks Judy for that cookbook!)  I usually prefer to bake cookies and cakes, but Matthieu loves pie, so treat for him!