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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Sorry for the absence!!  December has been a busy, crazy month.

First, we had a family tragedy.  I know most of you know about it, and I don't feel comfortable  making a public announcement.  If you don't know, please drop me an email and I'll fill you in.  Chatting helps...

Then, we had to get ready for our annual trip to Nova Scotia, lots of packing, baking (for teachers etc), cleaning, laundry etc.

We left the 14th and got back the 29th... the boys were angels on the planes, both ways.  I guess that made up for the long route.  Over 3 hours to Compiegne (Chez Franck et Claire) as we got caught in an accident traffic jam.  Then the next day, 40 mins to the airport, 8 hours to Toronto, 6 HOURS layover in Toronto, then 2 hours back to Halifax!!  That doesn't include all the waiting to board, boarding etc!  Then it took most of the day the next day to get to Antigonish, snow storm, bus, etc!!  The way back was via Montreal so it was a bit shorter, but since we basically miss a night's sleep we were all zonked by the time we made it home...

We basically stayed in Antigonish the whole trip.  Whenever we wnated to go anywhere we would have had to take 2 cars to fit all the carseats.  People were really good to come visit though, thanks everyone!!!  We got to see my grandparents on my dad's side (we hadn't seen them in 2 years) my other grandparents, all my aunts and uncles and all my cousins that were home (at least 45 of 55 on mom's side and all but Amy on dad's).  Nicole and Dean spent the 2 weeks and mom and dad's too, it was so nice to spoil my little godson a bit.  Matt was able to come on the weekends and of course Christmas...  Todd was also there as he finished school, YAY!!!  and started his first real job yesterday.  He also bought a brand new mustang, looking good Todd!!!  Nicole also finished up her year long mat. leave and started back today...  Andrew always has a busy Christmas, basically playing Santa, since he delivers parcels for Canada Post.  He was around quite a bit considering and we all got to visit his house.  Keith was home only for 4 days over Christmas... we didn't get to see each other too much, lots of other visitors and he was catching up on sleep.  I had hoped to talk photography etc, maybe next time...  We saw Krista, Patrick and little Abigail lots as well and I visited with Vanessa, Cheryl, Nanci and Lisa came by with little Claire who I hadn't met yet.  Did I forget anyone, I'm sure I did!!!

Christmas was great, the boys got spoiled as usual.  Then again over New Year's as we did Christmas all over again with Matthieu's fam.  I'm going out tomorrow to buy new BIGGER bins to store all the stuff.  Mostly for the playmobile stuff, those little pieces get lost so easily.  Santa bought THE coolest pirate ship!!  I think its my favourite toy ever, its really is for the boys, I swear!!  We also met Etienne's girlfriend, Violaine.  She's so sweet, really down to earth and fit right in.  It couldn't have been easy...  Besides MIL and FIL Etienne has 5 brothers, 4 SILs, and 10 nieces and nephews!!!  Not as traumatic as the Boxing Day party with the Duggans (must have been at least 60 between cousins and aunts and uncles) but still scary stuff!!

If you're still reading, bravo, and thanks!!  I'm off to unpack, only 4 bags left (out of 7!!!)