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Just a general update to let you know what is going on around here...  So what's up with you?  Share in the comments, please!! 

Philippe-He hasn't been napping well all last week.  He's used to being outside a lot with all the back and forth runs to preschool.  Jacques wass home sick last week so we haven't been out much.  He almost needs to be outside to fall asleep.  Sometimes he will literally fall asleep the minute we are out the door.  He's  made up for it though.  He was sick and was getting up around 4:30am to eat, just thirsty, I think, but now that he's better, it's become a habit!!!!  grrr!!!!   He isn't too interested in rolling over yet, which is fine by me.  I want to keep him little forever.  He's such a happy guy, he loves to laugh and goo, loves it the best when you are right in his face, especially his big brothers.  He's always talking and gooing even to himself.  Get's that from em I guess!!  He scratched him self in the face, poor guy, those nails grow so fast!!

Anthony-Finally able to go to the bathroom alone.  He was trained back in early Aug and would go all by himself, until Philippe was born!  Now, for the low low price of a high five he'll go all by himself again.  Lots of other big boy things going on...  regular chair at the kitchen table, he can count to 5 and sometimes 10 if he doesn't think about it and he drew something recognisable for the first time.  can you guess what it was?  A fast CAR of course!!   He's sick, but other than a really runny nose and being super tired, he's alright.  Just enough to miss playschool today, don't want to infect his buddies.

Jacques-He was sick all last week, but then passed it on to the rest of the family and is in great shape now.  He was home all week, cranky, but nothing a few naps didn't cure...  Such a kind boy...  so many times I've overheard him say such sweet things that was only meant for his little brothers' ears.  We've opened all the playmobil they got for Christmas and its all in bins in my craft room, he loves imaginating and creating stories with it all. 

Matthieu-working A LOT, but what else is new eh?  He's going to a Da Vinci code night at the Louvre on Friday, but do you think he'd read the book?  Naw, he doesn't have enough time, or so he says.  Yesterday, he spent most of the afternoon reading mags (the rest was spent making creative tracks with the Geotrax!!).  I think it's because our copy is in English.  I know how hesitant I get when I have to read a book in French, no need for extra brain work.  Maybe I'll go out and get him the French version. 

Me-I'm sick!!!  The worst of the bunch as usual.  Feeling better today, but last night was nasty!!  I did have a productive weekend before that though.  Rearranged the scraproom a bit and got lots of other things done around the house, I scrapped (a little), read (a lot) and enjoyed my family.  I found out yesterday that my Christmas gift from Matthieu won't be coming until between Jan 31-Feb 8!!  Now don't go blaming Amazon, he didn't even order it until Jan 3!  But still, I'd like my camera please!!  I hopped on the scale this morning to find out that I lost 5 lbs since last week!!  Don't know how that happened either as all I've been eating is leftover treats from Christmas, fruitcake, rhumcake, galettes de rois, etc etc.  It's not even from being dehydrated from my cold because I drank 2L of water between 8pm and 8am!  I lost 2 lbs over the Christmas holidays too.  Crazy stuff.  With Jacques and Anthony I had to beat the weight off with a stick, and now at 4 months post partum, I'm only 5lbs away, yay me!!!