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5 months and Ali

Well, my sweet cuddly Boodles is 5 months old today!  It's strange because it seems like he just got here but at the same time, I feel I've known him forever, can't remember life without him.  Such a happy guy, even when he's sick, loves company, especially his rowdy, rough and tumble brothers.  When I think they are being to rough and shoo them away he cries!! He has eczema, so I hope we won't have to do the soy thing like with Jacques.  It's really dry out right now and Jacques and I have it as well... we'll see.

We are taking him the the seaside for the third time in his short llife, man, I wish we lived closer!!!  We are going the the Netherlands for the weekend.  I'm taking a class from Ali Edwards tonight!!!!!  We are making this!!  Can't wait.  Still not packed so I'll keep this short... I needed 4 photos yesterday, today, tomorrow and always...  taking these10_cm_squared


tree is from our wedding and is planted in our yard=tomorrow

the boys=today

wedding photo=yesterday

Got some funny outtakes of the boys, I'll share them when I get home, also have pix from the zoo and our Carnival costume party yesterday...