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We're home...

Ali was awesome!
Amsterdam was, colourful, LOL!!
The seaside was nice.
The boys were well behaved.

Holland was COLD!!!!

Just had to check for the medal count, just watched the end of the closing ceremonies.  24 total, Rock on Canada!!!!!  I thought I'd just check in with you all before heading to bed.  Lots of photos and lots of stories to come, but there's lots of housework and appointments this week. 

5 months and Ali

Well, my sweet cuddly Boodles is 5 months old today!  It's strange because it seems like he just got here but at the same time, I feel I've known him forever, can't remember life without him.  Such a happy guy, even when he's sick, loves company, especially his rowdy, rough and tumble brothers.  When I think they are being to rough and shoo them away he cries!! He has eczema, so I hope we won't have to do the soy thing like with Jacques.  It's really dry out right now and Jacques and I have it as well... we'll see.

We are taking him the the seaside for the third time in his short llife, man, I wish we lived closer!!!  We are going the the Netherlands for the weekend.  I'm taking a class from Ali Edwards tonight!!!!!  We are making this!!  Can't wait.  Still not packed so I'll keep this short... I needed 4 photos yesterday, today, tomorrow and always...  taking these10_cm_squared


tree is from our wedding and is planted in our yard=tomorrow

the boys=today

wedding photo=yesterday

Got some funny outtakes of the boys, I'll share them when I get home, also have pix from the zoo and our Carnival costume party yesterday...

Cara's thoughts on hockey

Ok, you have to take this knowing that I didn't actually see much of the games...  I followed the blogs, read the articles but it's just not the same.  Silly French...

Matthieu said this while I was waiting for a blog update during the women's gold medal game:  'if Canada doesn't win gold in hockey, there's a problem somewhere.'  The world sees Canadians as the gods of hockey (or at least my hubby does).  The men didn't win the gold, they didn't even make it far enough to have it in their sites...  What's the problem here?

Olympic hockey is not the NHL.  The 'team' seemed as though they were waiting for the Olympic rules to magically change and accomodate their NHL comfort zone.  They KNOW the rules are different, why then did they take so long to adjust?  Lack of preparation...  that's the problem, it's simple!!

That said if I had to choose between the women and the men winning, I'd definitely choose the GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How can the men be eliminated????????????????  sigh...

France's version of Canadian/American Idol is playing the auditions,  eek even I can sing better than most of these!!  Not to mention most of them are singing English songs with terrible accents and off key, my poor ears!!

Good thing we got a crap load of medals today!!!  Rock on Canada...


Yup, you guessed it, and if you're Canadian you probably already knew.  That's my girls!!!

More Olympic observations

*It's absolutely incredible that 3 teeny seconds make the difference between 1st and 32nd place
*what's with all the 4ths lately team Canada, oh so close!!
*French commentators get so freakin' excited when a French athlete is doing well in a race.  They talk so fast, both of them at once, you can barely understand what they are saying...  do the Canadian ones do that too?
*never was a big fan of Ice Dancing no matter how obsessed  I was with figure skating 15 years ago, but THIS!  It's on my black list forever!!  Or at least France 3 is, they are showing Ice Dancing instead of the woman's hockey gold medal game!!!!!!!!!!!!  Good thing CBC has a blog and so far the girls are doing well!

Guess what I got!!!

just a couple from the 100+ photos I took with my new toy...Jacques Tone Phil J_making_face Tony Phil_with_horse terrible light too day, but...

Canada ROCKS

I wrote a big long blog about the 'olla-pix' the other night and lost it so here's the short version...

Hope everyone is enjoying the games as much as we are.  France is a bit silly as they tend to show sports with strong French athletes, imagine that...  LOL!!  We did get to see the Canada-Italy game yesterday afternoon, all but the first 5 minutes.  I'm watching the men's figure skating now, and there's 3 there... I was spoiled in Canada because not only do we have CBC, but if we don't like what they are showing we can just turn to the American channel!!  Not sure if it's still the same...

The boys are having a blast, Anthony keeps telling me that he wants to 'do dat' each time he sees a new event.  He promises he won't fall!  They are getting right into it, making skis, snowboards and even biathalon rifles out of megablocks, ski jumps out of the couch cushions and playing hockey with their little sticks.  Maybe I have some future champions on my hands, they've two chances at it with their double nationalities.  Jacques can play hockey, but not for France, don't want him losing 76-0 or something.  Anthony can be a snowboarder as he already knows how to wear the pants, can't keep those things up on his scrawny bum.  Philippe can do moguls because that's just really cool!!  Well, maybe aerials because if he's got my knees, he'll never survive moguls!!  LOL  I can still do the luge, 55 is still a ways off, naw I'm too chicken!!

Some observations

*Duggans would make great ski jumpers (my family is all really tall and thin!)
*That Chinese pairs skater is my new hero
*The men gotta wear less sparkles!!
*the luge is crazy but the skeleton is absolutely insane
*some of these athletes go faster than I do in my car on the highway
*Emmanuel Sandhu is a beautful skater with grace and style... too bad about the falls and too bad about those pants!!
*those hills are freakin' steep!!

Roll with it...

Philippe had his third round of vaccinations today, finally.  So glad, now I don't have to worry about him getting any of those crazy strange sicknesses that aren't required vaccinations but are still really dangerous for young babies.  There was a case of whooping cough in Jacques' class two weeks ago and the Ped didn't want Philippe anywhere near the school until he got these last vaccinations. 

Apparently in the midst of all of these colds and crap, Philippe learned a new trick!  While we were waiting for the doctor to come in I put him on his stomach on the table, and he rolled to his side and looked at his hands for a minute then rolled over completely!  He did it a few more times, once so quickly that he shocked himself.  I could see him thinking 'hey, how did I get here?'  LOL!!  We tried to show Daddy at lunch but I think all the clothes get in the way.  I'll have to try again at bath time. 

I got my Valentine's day gift today... 2 reasons.  First my camera comes tomorrow YAY!!!!!!  Matthieu didn't want this gift to take a back seat to that, and second, Matthieu won't be here tomorrow night.  He has business dinner, what the...???   I got pretty perfume...  well, at least the box and bottle are super pretty (purple with flowers-so me!!) I still can't smell that much, lol, it's Promesse by cacherel and a really cool photography book and a Little Miss book from my little Valentines.

BTW, we were too sick to make Valentine's this year...  if they sold the silly things here I would have done the store bought route, but helas, just know the boys love you all!!! 

Happy things...

Got a Flair box the other day with my very own tee!!  Some of the gang were sporting them at CHA... Also in the box was the new  true love line and lots of other goodies!!

Got an email for a Flair page!!

Received my Creative Scrapbooking (from the UK) with a page of mine that won 'page of the month'!!!

My camera has been ordered, again...

Anthony stayed in his bed ALL night last night.

I lost 2 lbs from being sick.

This LO

The Olympics are on!!!  They are even in the same time zone so no watching hockey in the middle of the night.  I LOVE Olympic hockey.

I can sort of smell again.  Seriously it's been over a month!!

The baby pooped on his own with out a suppository!!