Roll with it...
Guess what I got!!!

Canada ROCKS

I wrote a big long blog about the 'olla-pix' the other night and lost it so here's the short version...

Hope everyone is enjoying the games as much as we are.  France is a bit silly as they tend to show sports with strong French athletes, imagine that...  LOL!!  We did get to see the Canada-Italy game yesterday afternoon, all but the first 5 minutes.  I'm watching the men's figure skating now, and there's 3 there... I was spoiled in Canada because not only do we have CBC, but if we don't like what they are showing we can just turn to the American channel!!  Not sure if it's still the same...

The boys are having a blast, Anthony keeps telling me that he wants to 'do dat' each time he sees a new event.  He promises he won't fall!  They are getting right into it, making skis, snowboards and even biathalon rifles out of megablocks, ski jumps out of the couch cushions and playing hockey with their little sticks.  Maybe I have some future champions on my hands, they've two chances at it with their double nationalities.  Jacques can play hockey, but not for France, don't want him losing 76-0 or something.  Anthony can be a snowboarder as he already knows how to wear the pants, can't keep those things up on his scrawny bum.  Philippe can do moguls because that's just really cool!!  Well, maybe aerials because if he's got my knees, he'll never survive moguls!!  LOL  I can still do the luge, 55 is still a ways off, naw I'm too chicken!!

Some observations

*Duggans would make great ski jumpers (my family is all really tall and thin!)
*That Chinese pairs skater is my new hero
*The men gotta wear less sparkles!!
*the luge is crazy but the skeleton is absolutely insane
*some of these athletes go faster than I do in my car on the highway
*Emmanuel Sandhu is a beautful skater with grace and style... too bad about the falls and too bad about those pants!!
*those hills are freakin' steep!!