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Cara's thoughts on hockey

Ok, you have to take this knowing that I didn't actually see much of the games...  I followed the blogs, read the articles but it's just not the same.  Silly French...

Matthieu said this while I was waiting for a blog update during the women's gold medal game:  'if Canada doesn't win gold in hockey, there's a problem somewhere.'  The world sees Canadians as the gods of hockey (or at least my hubby does).  The men didn't win the gold, they didn't even make it far enough to have it in their sites...  What's the problem here?

Olympic hockey is not the NHL.  The 'team' seemed as though they were waiting for the Olympic rules to magically change and accomodate their NHL comfort zone.  They KNOW the rules are different, why then did they take so long to adjust?  Lack of preparation...  that's the problem, it's simple!!

That said if I had to choose between the women and the men winning, I'd definitely choose the GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!