Quick check in
Roll with it...

Happy things...

Got a Flair box the other day with my very own tee!!  Some of the gang were sporting them at CHA... Also in the box was the new  true love line and lots of other goodies!!

Got an email for a Flair page!!

Received my Creative Scrapbooking (from the UK) with a page of mine that won 'page of the month'!!!

My camera has been ordered, again...

Anthony stayed in his bed ALL night last night.

I lost 2 lbs from being sick.

This LO

The Olympics are on!!!  They are even in the same time zone so no watching hockey in the middle of the night.  I LOVE Olympic hockey.

I can sort of smell again.  Seriously it's been over a month!!

The baby pooped on his own with out a suppository!!