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Quick check in

Hi there

Still here, just sick, AGAIN!!  Holy freakin' cow I am so sick of being sick!  Nasty stuff!!  All 5 of us this time!!  Starting to feel better.  I scrapped a bit this weekend before I got sick so I'll post those tomorrow when I'm not so tired, lol!


Not fine after all...

Poor Jacques, I sent him to school this morning with just a bit of a cough.  Anthony was at playschool so I painted more doors... anyway...  when I picked Jacques up he was cranky as a bear.  We weren't in the door 5 mins and he was asleep on the couch.  Just went in and lay down, he NEVER doues that!!  He slept for three hours, ate his lunch at 3:30.  I snuck in an educational boardgame then let him watch Rescue Heros.  He's now in the bath, hopefully, it will  take his fever down.