Happy things...
Canada ROCKS

Roll with it...

Philippe had his third round of vaccinations today, finally.  So glad, now I don't have to worry about him getting any of those crazy strange sicknesses that aren't required vaccinations but are still really dangerous for young babies.  There was a case of whooping cough in Jacques' class two weeks ago and the Ped didn't want Philippe anywhere near the school until he got these last vaccinations. 

Apparently in the midst of all of these colds and crap, Philippe learned a new trick!  While we were waiting for the doctor to come in I put him on his stomach on the table, and he rolled to his side and looked at his hands for a minute then rolled over completely!  He did it a few more times, once so quickly that he shocked himself.  I could see him thinking 'hey, how did I get here?'  LOL!!  We tried to show Daddy at lunch but I think all the clothes get in the way.  I'll have to try again at bath time. 

I got my Valentine's day gift today... 2 reasons.  First my camera comes tomorrow YAY!!!!!!  Matthieu didn't want this gift to take a back seat to that, and second, Matthieu won't be here tomorrow night.  He has business dinner, what the...???   I got pretty perfume...  well, at least the box and bottle are super pretty (purple with flowers-so me!!) I still can't smell that much, lol, it's Promesse by cacherel and a really cool photography book and a Little Miss book from my little Valentines.

BTW, we were too sick to make Valentine's this year...  if they sold the silly things here I would have done the store bought route, but helas, just know the boys love you all!!!