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These are all within the last couple of days...  I don't love Philippe more, he just can't run away so I can get more photos of him!!  The blue sweater was knit my MIL's best friend from childhood.   I'll add more in an album tomorrow...  'night!6mo Jolly Jumper Likemomma Phil_1 Sillythings Sweets Tony_1

Ah crap!!

About a year ago I won a big contest with a UK mag, kinda like PKPT, HOF, MMM whatever.  We waited and waited for the announcement to the public... instead they announced they were closing the mag!!!  At least the girls in the UK still got the prizes, me... nada!!

Yesterday, I got an email from another UK pub that I love, asking for an article idea I had sent them a while back!!  My first one!!  I told Matthieu and he jokingly said that the mag would close now, jinx me why doncha!!  I just got an email stating tht the mag is closing... sigh...

In happier news, I am now taking photos manually!  No more auto, or any other mode baby!!!  I guess this digi camera is good for something after all, it's a lot easier to learn manual than with film.  Pix coming, all saved just gotta upload them here, but it's bath time and I gotta get started on supper!

6 months

Happy half birthday to my littlest sweetheart!

6 months is such a bittersweet step for me.  In one sense it's amazing that he's grown and developed so much in just 6 short months.  That's he's a sweet cuddly thing that gets excited about EVERYTHING, even boring wooden spoons.  He loves his momma, adores his big brothers and squeals with delight when Daddy comes home.  So why is 6 months bittersweet, then?  Well, in one way I'm releaved he's past the delicate stage where you have to watch every little cold and fever and shelter him from others who are sick, but at the same time, I can no longer call him a little baby!   He's not a teeny fragile baby anymore.  It's been a while since someone's peered into the stroller and commented on the teeny baby, now it's just baby.  He's a big baby, 6 months, eating solids, sitting up, reaching for everything...  all grown up.

Make it Meaningful, Baby!!

My friend Terri sure did!!!  She's one of the finalists in the Chatterbox contest!!  Rock on my friend!!  I'm so happy for her you'd think I'd entred myself!  On call day I was thinking about her, had a feeling, but wouldn't let myself think it possible, but she did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, so I promised these pix a week ago, I Dsc_0921 Dsc_0923  Dsc_0926 know, but, I'm slow like that!!*Dsc_0924_1






The pix aren't superb, but our kitchen is dark at lunchtime.  He jumped at the spoon the first bite, but was surprised by the texture, as you can get from the piccies...  After a day or two he got used to it, and gobbles them up!  Loves carrots, beans, not so much!!

I have photos of Jacques' carnival parade.  It was Tuesday since fat Tuesday was during their winter break.  Cute stuff, but I got interupted while uploading, then I forgot and left it on so the battery died...  have I ever mentioned how much I hate digital?  I'm alone in the world with that!!

edited to add:  Carnival is what they call Mardi Gras here.  Mardi gras means fat Tuesday in french, it's the day before Ash Wednesday when lent starts.  I keep forgetting not everyone know  all these french things!!


A big yell out to all the HOF winners that were announced yesterday!!!  Especially Angelia Wiggington, Elizabeth Dillow and Marla Kress (who is on the Shoebox trims DT with me).  Links to their work  here!  Also big hugs to Courtney Kelly and Miriam Cambell (who is on the Flair Designs DT with me) who both got an HM!!!!

Happy Spring

Yeah, so I was feeding the baby this morning and I could hear this chirping.  Puddytat was silent in his cage, then I thought it must be the fake bird that measures the humidity in my plants... but I just watered yesterday... then I clued in, it's real live birds OUTSIDE!! Man, I'm slow first thing in the morning, lol!!  These birds must have a calendar as they weren't singing yesterday!!!

I remember being a little girl and wondering why spring started so early when in NS there was still snow on the ground and often times still coming down.  April is a mess of melting snow, rain and mud.  Most of the spring flowers don't come til June practically.   Nova Scotia springs are short & sweet.  It wasn't until I moved to France that I actually began to like Spring!

Lots of good things!!

*Philippe tried solids for the first time today, I'll post pix a bit later.

*The sun is shining bright and it looks like Spring is going to be here any day!  It was 10°C when I picked up Jacques at noon.

*Ali's new book is coming out this summer!

*Anthony can draw!  Maybe this is normal for almost 3 year olds, but Jacques was more into puzzles and sports at this age, so I have no idea.  Until a few days ago all Anthony wanted to do was make Hama things, but now he's getting more into drawing and colouring.  He made this today.  It looks like the poor bird is crying, but it does look like a bird to me!!Tonys_bird_march_06









*I ordered a bench with a drawer (but mine's white)  cabinet  for the craft room to house the boys' craft stuff.  Right now they are crammed into one ugly shelf thingy.  Well that all came today as well as a pagkage from mom and dad with a cool bag and a broom!!  Yeah, I know that's weird but the brooms here suck!!  Today's been the best mail day yet!!

*We may go to IKEA tomorrow to pick up a few odds and ends!!  IKEA makes me giddy, all that organisation!

*We are taking the boys skiing on Sunday, ever since the Olypics they've asked at least once a day.  There is an indoor hill not too far from here.  Anyone ever teach an almost 3 year old to snowboard? I'd love some tips!!!

Love good mail days!!

hmmm... it's been a while since I haven't had at least one fun thing in the mail.  Tuesday it was a decorating mag, yesterday I got a book catalogue and my Shoebox trims DT package.  Yummy, yummy stuff!  Matthieu usually brings it home at lunch since it comes to his office across the street.   He had a business dinner today but he said that if he had a chance he'd come up and say hi and bring the mail when he got back.  At 4:10, I went in to wake Anthony from his nap so that we could go get Jacques from preschool.  I had Phil in my arms and decided that doing the Highland Fling while die dum diddle dumming the tune was a good way to do it!  I guess I take after my aunt Sally, but I don't step dance ;)  Anyway, once Anthony was a awake, I turned around to go get Philippe into his snowsuit and there was Matthieu at the door with the mail!!  Scared the crap out of me!  I guess he never realised how insane his wife can get!!  I had to wait until I came back from school and the grocery store to open this (for the scrap convention in May) and my april CK.  Very good mail day!!  week even!!

Of Winkies and Dinosaurs

OK, boys are gross, it's been toilet talk non stop here lately.  It's all in French too so I KNOW it's coming from school!!

The other day Jacques came home with this drawing...March_06_drawing   see the beautiful giraffe on the left?  The boy?  That's his friend Dorian...  The other thing is a dinosaur...  see those lines?  the ones going from the dino to Dorian?  Yeah, that's dinosaur pee!!!  They apparently had a tiff that day!!!  He must have been really mad as he usually draws better than this!

Anthony is super curious about who has winkies and who doesn't, he seems so sad for me that I don't!  "Is it in your belly?" "Where is yours Mommy?"  He likes to go through lists of people telling me who does and who doesn't...  "Jacques has a winky, Tony too, Philippe,  Emilienne doesn't have a winky.  She's a gah-wul."  That's fine when he sticks to kids, but once he starts talking about my FIL and the parents at Jacques' preschool, then I get weirded out.

Like I said boys are gross, but they are still sooooo sweet!!!

PS Dad, we are 3 for 3, I think.  Looks like Phil is a lefty too!!