6 months

Ah crap!!

About a year ago I won a big contest with a UK mag, kinda like PKPT, HOF, MMM whatever.  We waited and waited for the announcement to the public... instead they announced they were closing the mag!!!  At least the girls in the UK still got the prizes, me... nada!!

Yesterday, I got an email from another UK pub that I love, asking for an article idea I had sent them a while back!!  My first one!!  I told Matthieu and he jokingly said that the mag would close now, jinx me why doncha!!  I just got an email stating tht the mag is closing... sigh...

In happier news, I am now taking photos manually!  No more auto, or any other mode baby!!!  I guess this digi camera is good for something after all, it's a lot easier to learn manual than with film.  Pix coming, all saved just gotta upload them here, but it's bath time and I gotta get started on supper!