Productive day
More dorkiness...

I'm such a dork...

1.  I finally figured out to to put my pictures from my camera to a disc and by that time my battery died... it's charging now...  I'm so going back to film!!!

2.  I totally forgot to mention that we are going back to Holland in May so that I can go to a scrapbook convention!!  I'll be taking lots of classes including a Heidi Swapp class and a Chatterbox class.  Two of my very favourite products!!  I'm going to be there with Amber.  She's going with her family too, including Georgia who is a week younger than Phil.  She's also a HOFer so I'll have to watch her and learn!

3.   I was such a goober during Ali's class last week!!  Everytime I opened my mouth to say something cool and funny, something stupid came out instead.  Talk about star struck!!!  Check out the photos in my Netherlands album.  Could my face be any redder?  More to come when ever my battery finishes loading.