Of Winkies and Dinosaurs
Lots of good things!!

Love good mail days!!

hmmm... it's been a while since I haven't had at least one fun thing in the mail.  Tuesday it was a decorating mag, yesterday I got a book catalogue and my Shoebox trims DT package.  Yummy, yummy stuff!  Matthieu usually brings it home at lunch since it comes to his office across the street.   He had a business dinner today but he said that if he had a chance he'd come up and say hi and bring the mail when he got back.  At 4:10, I went in to wake Anthony from his nap so that we could go get Jacques from preschool.  I had Phil in my arms and decided that doing the Highland Fling while die dum diddle dumming the tune was a good way to do it!  I guess I take after my aunt Sally, but I don't step dance ;)  Anyway, once Anthony was a awake, I turned around to go get Philippe into his snowsuit and there was Matthieu at the door with the mail!!  Scared the crap out of me!  I guess he never realised how insane his wife can get!!  I had to wait until I came back from school and the grocery store to open this (for the scrap convention in May) and my april CK.  Very good mail day!!  week even!!