Good things
Love good mail days!!

Of Winkies and Dinosaurs

OK, boys are gross, it's been toilet talk non stop here lately.  It's all in French too so I KNOW it's coming from school!!

The other day Jacques came home with this drawing...March_06_drawing   see the beautiful giraffe on the left?  The boy?  That's his friend Dorian...  The other thing is a dinosaur...  see those lines?  the ones going from the dino to Dorian?  Yeah, that's dinosaur pee!!!  They apparently had a tiff that day!!!  He must have been really mad as he usually draws better than this!

Anthony is super curious about who has winkies and who doesn't, he seems so sad for me that I don't!  "Is it in your belly?" "Where is yours Mommy?"  He likes to go through lists of people telling me who does and who doesn't...  "Jacques has a winky, Tony too, Philippe,  Emilienne doesn't have a winky.  She's a gah-wul."  That's fine when he sticks to kids, but once he starts talking about my FIL and the parents at Jacques' preschool, then I get weirded out.

Like I said boys are gross, but they are still sooooo sweet!!!

PS Dad, we are 3 for 3, I think.  Looks like Phil is a lefty too!!