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Good things

*3 great boys, such good kids again today

*A friend came over for dinner last night, great girl talk!!

*baby pudge (on the baby that is, on me not so much!)


*a clean house

*saturday morning

*arriving early to preschool 2 days in a row

*an evening to myself

so Lucky!!

I've got 3 great, well behaved boys!  They were so good today, I feel like announcing it to the world!!!   They really are such a blessing, I think sometimes I take them for granted.  Today, I made sure I really let them know how amazing I think they are!! 


Ok, I am so close to going back to film!  Seriously, this close!!!

More dorkiness...

I've been plugging away at the purging and tidying of scrap room.  Just walked by on the way to the bedroom with a sleeping baby, couldn't figure out what the big brown thing was on my desk.  On the way back I investigated.... it's a clear spot, the wood surface of the desk itself!!  The thing is 8 feet long and I can't remember the last I've seen so much of it!!  LOL!!

I'm such a dork...

1.  I finally figured out to to put my pictures from my camera to a disc and by that time my battery died... it's charging now...  I'm so going back to film!!!

2.  I totally forgot to mention that we are going back to Holland in May so that I can go to a scrapbook convention!!  I'll be taking lots of classes including a Heidi Swapp class and a Chatterbox class.  Two of my very favourite products!!  I'm going to be there with Amber.  She's going with her family too, including Georgia who is a week younger than Phil.  She's also a HOFer so I'll have to watch her and learn!

3.   I was such a goober during Ali's class last week!!  Everytime I opened my mouth to say something cool and funny, something stupid came out instead.  Talk about star struck!!!  Check out the photos in my Netherlands album.  Could my face be any redder?  More to come when ever my battery finishes loading.

Productive day

I know I've been neglecting my blog lately, but I've got another cold, a messy house, sick kids and snow that needs to be played in!!

Today i got so much done, it really doesn't look much different, because I mostly organised.  I did some in my scrap room, I gave the boys two FULL pizza boxes of old paper and cardstock!  I stared a bit of the embellies, but my stickers scare me!!  I haven't even opened the binder in months and months so I may as well just give them the whole thing LOL!! 

I'm also ahead of the laundry, well I will be as soon as I fold and put away the pile on the couch.  I let the everyday things slide a bit to make the time  but that's easy to catch up on. 

The biggest thing is that I FINALLY put up our new curtains!!  Well i did the hooks and then Matthieu did the ladder part, LOL!!  I bought them this summer and they have just been in my scraproom since.

The one thing I didn't do is my photos, it's just such a big hassle to crop, adjust, even download and save them.  I think I'll go back to film, grr!!

Back to school tomorrow, Monday is run day!!

Thoughts on 31

When Helen turned 31 she said she felt that she was really in her 30s.  30 was jsut the end of her 20s but 31, there's no turning back.  It felt more real.  I understood her at the time, but now that I'm here myself, and I feel it, it's a much stronger feeling, I get it...  in other words, argh, I'm old LOL!!!

Birthday treats (and uglies)

MIL took Jacques and Anthony for the night so that Matthieu could take Philippe and me out to a fancy-scmancy dinner
a mini snow storm, leaving us with about 10cm!!  Got some photos today!!

a fussy baby not letting me scrap book last night
another cold
food poisoning from said fancy dinner at 2am
early morning presents (thanks mom & dad,  Helen & Paul and Magaly & Eric) I opened them as soon as I got up, if I was young I would have opened them after ralphing at 2 am
eating my breakfast at the computer, though very carefully
not being able to eat a proper lunch because fab people kept calling to wish me a happy birthday!!
taking a nice long nap

not having Matthieu home tonight