Thoughts on 31
I'm such a dork...

Productive day

I know I've been neglecting my blog lately, but I've got another cold, a messy house, sick kids and snow that needs to be played in!!

Today i got so much done, it really doesn't look much different, because I mostly organised.  I did some in my scrap room, I gave the boys two FULL pizza boxes of old paper and cardstock!  I stared a bit of the embellies, but my stickers scare me!!  I haven't even opened the binder in months and months so I may as well just give them the whole thing LOL!! 

I'm also ahead of the laundry, well I will be as soon as I fold and put away the pile on the couch.  I let the everyday things slide a bit to make the time  but that's easy to catch up on. 

The biggest thing is that I FINALLY put up our new curtains!!  Well i did the hooks and then Matthieu did the ladder part, LOL!!  I bought them this summer and they have just been in my scraproom since.

The one thing I didn't do is my photos, it's just such a big hassle to crop, adjust, even download and save them.  I think I'll go back to film, grr!!

Back to school tomorrow, Monday is run day!!