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Vacation in the children's surgical ward...

Just a quick update on Anthony...  I think the photos speak for themselves, I took these about 2 hours after he came back up from the OR.  You'd think he was at Disney or something.  He'll be home tomorrow.  One of P too, sucking on the lens cap as usual!!Dsc_1781 Dsc_1785_1 Dsc_1794 Phil_3

Quick Update

Just to let you know what's going on with the boys...

He's on spring vacation for two weeks.  He's spending this week in Compiegne with his cousins.  He's having fun, but it seems that he went from having a little brother pester him to having his older cousin do the same...  they have fun together though!!  When he calls now he sounds so grown up!!  Other times when he's gone away, he's always sounds like a baby on the phone and would rarely say more than hello before running off to play again.  He tells me lots of stories, miss him!!!!

Lovin' having Mommy more to himself and is acting out less.  He's soon about to leave the terrible twos behind and I can tell in his behaviour!  He goes in the hospital  tomorrow evening get tubes in the next morning.  He's got a chesty cough so I'm not sure they'll go ahead with it...  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.  He doesn't seem scared, but I doubt he knows what's going on, this kid LOVES to go to the doctor and is actually looking forward to tomorrow!

He had an appointment with the Peds today, he now weighs 7.7kg or about 17lbs.  He didn't grow much in length, but gained over a pound and a half in 5 weeks so he's chunking up!!  He can almost pull himself up, loves to stand holding on to something and has been doing so for a while.  he can roll over, just chooses not to and loves to sit and play with toys or what ever strange objects his brothers trade for the toys he has.  Anthony passed him some nicely folded ironed shirts today!  He may be allergic to cow's milk and wheat, he's got quite the breakout of eczema at the moment so we'll see about all that...

take care all

big ole' toot!!!!

Just got an email from CK!!!!!!  They want my LO for BH's september sketch!!  yehaw!! first time in CK!  and it's for Becky baby!!  Freakin' the kids out, I'm so excited!!  They're jumpin' around with me though!!!

REflections on Easter by an Almost 3 year Old

Here's a little preface to this story...

*The boys are Star Wars fans but it's been a long while since they've watched or talked about it...  Funny enough the Easter bunny is bringing Darth Vader eggs tonight, of course they don't know this.

*We have a young child's bible and we've been reading about the Easter story and the boys basically understood that some mean people thought Jesus was bad but they were wrong. 

*The boys, especially Anthony, still tend to refer to Jesus as Baby Jesus since Christmas, or sometimes 'Baby Jesus all growed up'...

So, my story...  at supper tonight we were talking about what had happened on Good Friday and Anthony comes out with 'I dink dat Darth Vader was the bad man that hurt Baby Jesus'

Happy Easter all

REALLY bad dye jobs and Easter vacation

So I guess these photos speak for themselves, but since I'm so mad and disappointed I'll still vent a little!!  I'm a ZEBRA HEAD!!  I trusted her, this is a swanky salon so I didn't even think that I'd get such a bad job!!  My hair was kind of dull since the pregnancy and since a lot of it fell out after Phil was born a lot of grey that was once hidden below suddenly were on display!!  So last week when I was in for a cut she suggested light highlights, ones that you could grow out and not be noticed, just to brighten things up...  SOLD!  Well, today I went in and she did the foils all seemed to be going well until rince time YIKES!!!  It's such a gross blond, it's so different from the rest of my hair and does NOT look natural at all PLUS the colour is still really flat, and dull!!!   She didn't even go to the roots in the front of all places!!!  I put a few more pix in the April folder (most are blurry but they are self portraits in bad light!!), look at the pony tail one, I'm supposed to go out in public like this, it looks like already need to go in and get my roots done.  I went out and got a home colour thingy so hopefully that will work, cross your fingers for me!!  Funny enough we didn't know but my sister got highlights yesterday, lets hope her's turned out much better!!  I wanna see pix Nicole!!  Blogger Blog ETA- dyed it again last night, the whole thing is lighter but the highlights looks the same.  The main colour is closer to the the highlight colour so I think it's better, the base is kind of a warmer colour,  it'll do.  It's a big puffy mess though today and I don't want to do any more to it so I'll add pix tomorrow


And here's a few of the crew as well!!  Jacques has finished school until Tuesday and we're excited for Easter!!

Phil_2 Dsc_1387_1 Dsc_1406 Dsc_1426

Scratches and swimming

My mom knows me well, knows how I talk and that I wouldn't cut my hair short!!!  I guess I worded that strangely, just Anthony went short!  I got 2cm taken off, but that's in hairdresser speak so it's more like 5!!  Still long though!!

Went to the pool today with Anthony and Philippe.  Philippe's first time and he LOVED it, man this kid's easy going!  Anthony was a bit scared, we haven't gone since before Philippe was born.   He was ok at the end and over all had fun.  Helen met us there, it was so great to have an extra set of hands!

One of Jacques' friends scratched him today.  He's got 4 or 5 deep scratches on his face.  The teacher was really upset about it and took him out to me when I picked him up.  She said in no way was it Jacques' fault.  I talked to the boy's dad and he felt really badly!!  we met Dorian (another friend) and his dad on the way out of the yard and the dad asked if it was B. that scratched him.  I guess he's scratched Dorian and some other kids as well...  sigh.

I didn't forget aboutcha!!

I know it's been a while, things are a tad busy, I guess that's the way I like it... This week is promisng to be slower, leading up to Easter, yay!!

I don't even have anything interesting to write, it's just all appointments and stuff, nothing amazing or life shattering... 

I haven't even been taking a lot of photos these days... 

Let's see I've got daffodils on the balcony, the tulips are up but not open yet.  Anthony and I both got our hair cut.  He looks so grown up, thought I'd go short with him since it'll be easier to wash once  he gets his tubes in (in two weeks).  I've been reading up a storm, ordered a tonne of great books online plus the ones from my birthday.  I'm taking an online scrapbooking class and that's fun and I'm in a challenge to do a LO a day at peas.  Jacques had an open house at his school, his teacher says he's a bit of a dreamer these days and is lazy about his work at times, but he's a good boy, so all is good!   

that's about it! 

Challenges and Busyness

I haven't been online much lately...  lots of stuff going on around here, nothing really, just lots of little busy things... 

I haven't even taken any photos lately to share!!

I know i owe lots of email, I'll get cha!!


BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!

Can you guess it?   We're expecting number 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Watch this space near Christmas!!!






Gotcha  APRIL FOOL's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hee hee