Challenges and Busyness
Scratches and swimming

I didn't forget aboutcha!!

I know it's been a while, things are a tad busy, I guess that's the way I like it... This week is promisng to be slower, leading up to Easter, yay!!

I don't even have anything interesting to write, it's just all appointments and stuff, nothing amazing or life shattering... 

I haven't even been taking a lot of photos these days... 

Let's see I've got daffodils on the balcony, the tulips are up but not open yet.  Anthony and I both got our hair cut.  He looks so grown up, thought I'd go short with him since it'll be easier to wash once  he gets his tubes in (in two weeks).  I've been reading up a storm, ordered a tonne of great books online plus the ones from my birthday.  I'm taking an online scrapbooking class and that's fun and I'm in a challenge to do a LO a day at peas.  Jacques had an open house at his school, his teacher says he's a bit of a dreamer these days and is lazy about his work at times, but he's a good boy, so all is good!   

that's about it!