big ole' toot!!!!
Vacation in the children's surgical ward...

Quick Update

Just to let you know what's going on with the boys...

He's on spring vacation for two weeks.  He's spending this week in Compiegne with his cousins.  He's having fun, but it seems that he went from having a little brother pester him to having his older cousin do the same...  they have fun together though!!  When he calls now he sounds so grown up!!  Other times when he's gone away, he's always sounds like a baby on the phone and would rarely say more than hello before running off to play again.  He tells me lots of stories, miss him!!!!

Lovin' having Mommy more to himself and is acting out less.  He's soon about to leave the terrible twos behind and I can tell in his behaviour!  He goes in the hospital  tomorrow evening get tubes in the next morning.  He's got a chesty cough so I'm not sure they'll go ahead with it...  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.  He doesn't seem scared, but I doubt he knows what's going on, this kid LOVES to go to the doctor and is actually looking forward to tomorrow!

He had an appointment with the Peds today, he now weighs 7.7kg or about 17lbs.  He didn't grow much in length, but gained over a pound and a half in 5 weeks so he's chunking up!!  He can almost pull himself up, loves to stand holding on to something and has been doing so for a while.  he can roll over, just chooses not to and loves to sit and play with toys or what ever strange objects his brothers trade for the toys he has.  Anthony passed him some nicely folded ironed shirts today!  He may be allergic to cow's milk and wheat, he's got quite the breakout of eczema at the moment so we'll see about all that...

take care all